Tunisian attractions


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Casa Tradicional de Dar el Annabi

Address: Dar el Annabi
2026 Sidi Bou Said
Telephone: +216(71)727728

Distance to public transportation: Airport 20 KM
Beach 0-1 KM
City Center 0-1 KM
Motorway / Highway 0-1 KM
Public Transportation 0-1 KM
Trade/Convention Center 0-1 KM
Train Station 0-1 KM


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Bizerta Quad

If you feeling a bit adventurous then why not try this for fun...


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Take the Train form Tunis to Bizerte (Bizerte Thread)

Tour Walking from Bizerte Train Station to the Kasbah / Medina and All Around the Town:

Click on Picture
To Start Generally follow the black arrow directions along the bottom

Go anyplace with Green Dots.
Stop and sit by the Yellow Blocks.

Actually stop, sit or eat anywhere and everywhere.
Take about 2 hours to explore. Easy Walking. Bring Camera for sure !!
Also combine this with a walk down the Bizerte Corniche or around the Town Center.
Have a Nice day in Bizerte. Try the Brik ! ! ! :cool: :cool:

Old Bizerte1.jpg


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Famous for its colourful pottery and bustling weekly market (Friday mornings). Tours of local ceramics manufacturers can be interesting and worth a look at ..


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Set in an olive grove, Dougga is likely the most interesting and best preserved Roman site in Tunisia. There is a lot to see including a theatre, a Capitoline monument, temple, public baths, and the Libyco-Punic Mausoleum. Dougga is usually visited in conjunction with Bulla Regia during a one day excursion from Tunis. A 30~45 minute stop on the way at the Andalousian village of Testour is highly advisable, especially on market day (Friday).


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These striking fortified granaries were used by the nomadic Berbers to store grain and other food while they moved from place to place.??? The few which still remain are fascinating to look around. Ksar Ghilane itself is located in an oasis and there is a wonderfully refreshing natural hot pool (30°C) to swim in. Ksar Ghilane is surrounded by some gorgeous and dramatic desert landscape and the large sand dunes stretch as far as the eye can see...........


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This small oasis town west of Nefta has maintained a strong link to traditional desert life despite increased tourism. The raised (relief) brickwork, characteristic only of the buildings of this Tozeur and Nefta, is inspired by carpet and calligraphy patterns.

Nefta is the home of Sufism in Tunisia. Many important religious sites, including the tomb of Sidi Bou-Ali, are located in this area. Although only a small town, Nefta has 24 mosques as well as the tombs of many marabouts (pious Muslim holy men). This makes it the second most important religious center in Tunisia after Kairouan.

There is a fair amount of walking in Nefta to see the sights and you may wish to take alternative transport such as a camel or taxi. It is said that the best dates come from Nefta - make sure to taste a few (or more) on your way through!


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Park Djerba Explore...
Crocodile hatching from an egg at Crocodile Island.
Opening Hours:Jun-Sep: 9am-2am
Oct-May: 9am-8pm
Located at the heart of Djerba, Park Djerba Explore is comprised of the Crocodile Island, the Lalla Hadria art and history museum, and the Djerbian Heritage Conservatory, which traces Djerbian life.
With the richest display of handicrafts in the country, the Lalla Hadria Museum explains 13 centuries of Tunisian and Arab-Islamic world art. The Djerbian Heritage Conservatory is a kind of manor with a living house, a garden and pottery and weaving workshops where visitors can experience an ancient way of life.

Despite these cultural riches, the most popular feature at Park Djerba Explore are the Crocodile Islands, inhabited by more than 400 creatures, which can measure up to 2.5 metres in length.


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The interior of a troglodyte house, Matmata
Located in the mountains of Djerba, Matmata is a troglodyte village named after a Berber tribe. The lunar-like landscape consists of craters dug into the ground and made into houses, some of which date back to the 4th century BC.
These troglodyte caves in Matmata are located five to ten metres deep below ground and consist of a courtyard, storage rooms and living accommodation. Access is through a sloping tunnel, or by a ladder which could be removed during dangerous times.

The Matmata landscape and troglodyte houses can look spookily familiar as they were featured in the first Star Wars movie. A few of these underground constructions are still inhabited and can be visited by arrangement with the owners, while one or two have been turned into hotels, making for an unusual night's stay.


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Diving In DjerbaThe waters surrounding the Tunisian island of Djerba provide an ideal diving environment, rich in colourful marine life and hidden caves to explore. Equipment hire is available.


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Every Thursday, when the Douz Camel Market takes place, this oasis town becomes a buzzing trading centre for the buying and selling of the animals.
Although it has become something of a tourist attraction, the Douz Camel Market still retains a real appeal, attracting genuine Touareg tribesmen, for whom the camel is still a vital commodity.


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Fresh fish on ice Houmt Souq
Held daily in Djerba's vibrant and bustling Houmt Souq, the Fish Auction is a good opportunity to experience the hustle and bustle of local life.
Fresh catches are displayed on a string and a slow bidding system carries on until the person who offers the most dinars wins. The streets around Djerba's Fish Auction are lined with colourful and exotic spice stalls, antique dealers, pottery shops, wedding stores and clothes shops.


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Wed 01 Jul 2009 - Mon 31 Aug 2009 Date to be confirmed
A very similar programme to the Carthage Festival (its sister festival), this is another chance to catch performances from both local and international artists with a full programme of music and dance.

Thoroughbred Horse Festival
Wed 01 Jul 2009 - Fri 31 Jul 2009

Sidi Bouzid
Famous in equine circles around the world, Arab thoroughbreds are known for their power, grace and beauty.

Tabarka Jazz Festival
Wed 01 Jul 2009 - Fri 31 Jul 2009
Date to be confirmed
A summer festival of jazz and folk music, this popular event is held in the coastal town of Tabarka.

Testour International Festival
Wed 01 Jul 2009 - Fri 31 Jul 2009
Date to be confirmed
The Testour International Festival celebrates the Andalusian Arab music known as Malouf.

International Festival of Bizerte
Wed 01 Jul 2009 - Mon 31 Aug 2009
Date to be confirmed
The four-week festival explores the traditions and rich heritage of this ancient city.

Carthage Festival
Wed 01 Jul 2009 - Sat 31 Oct 2009
Date to be confirmed
The Carthage Festival is the country's biggest arts event and mixes a programme of local and international sounds in the old Roman amphitheatre.

International Festival of Dougga
Sat 01 Aug 2009 - Mon 31 Aug 2009
Date to be confirmed
The Roman amphitheatre at Dougaa is the venue for this festival of classical music, dance and theatre.

Medina Festival
Tue 01 Sep 2009 - Tue 29 Sep 2009
Date to be confirmed
The annual Medina Festival is a wonderful celebration of Tunisian culture and takes place during Ramadan.


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Hi Guys hope that you are all in good health! Is anyone going to any of the above festivals ?


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hi roulla, not me...my next time in Tunisia will be in november, maybe if there are festivals in that month.....xxxx


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Morning Brisasss hope that you are in good health! Later on when i am at home i will look and see if there is any festivals in November for you..Have a nice day.x


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Morning roulla i'm fine i hope you ok, and thanks for the information. Have a nice day as well xx


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*Eeek* Brisasss....

Are you saying my wedding will be a festival??? LOL....

Im sure it will be ONE quiet day hehe