Tunisian inheritance laws


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I was on here years ago. Under a different name. Lots of new names. I’m back again because I need advice again. My Tunisian ex partner has an ex wife. We never married (only Islamically because in all honesty I don’t believe in marriage). He and his ex have 2 children (boys). Me and him have 2 children (boy and a girl). He is divorced in UK but hasn’t yet updated it in Tunisia so there he’s still recognised as married. Now we come up my question: inheritance laws. My ex has two plots of land. The money can’t be taken out of Tunisia. He wants to leave One to his two sons and One to our two kids. I know girls don’t have same inheritance rights as boys, and given our backstory, what are the chances my kids will get nothing? Thank you


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You have left out an important detail is he ex wife a Tunisian in Tunisia, tunisian in uk or non tunisian?


If this is the case you will possibly have a situation where your husband dies and then during probate his wife (as not ex wife in Tunisia until updated) will come along and/or her lawyer and show a valid marriage contract.

The court system in Tunisia is not connected to others so how would they know that he divorced them?

Even if the ex wife is not Tunisian if she turns up with a good lawyer and the contract.

Now I always find posts like this frustrating because your partner should not be leaving you in this position he should do what I have done and make a professional will which tells my kids what they are getting so they know and do not fight.

This is all speculation anyhow as what will most likely happen (if under 70) is that he sorts out his divorce, marries another women and you are both stuffed.

If he is good man he will put this in writing and see a lawyer....if not it will all be bullshit and the land will vanish as soon as he dies. Have you seen the deeds?
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