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Not a problem, once I make it i will remember cuz it is intuition ya know lol :)


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Ok people, i know i know i had two other recipes to do first but tonight i made chakchouka which is basically a vegetable ragou.


A bouquet of Chard
a few stocks of green onions
4 patatoes
Half a butternut squash
2 medium carrots
1 medium onion
1 small can of chickpeas already cooked
1 bouquet of parsley
1 green bell pepper
1 green long pepper (its kinda like an jalapeno and a chili pepper dont know the name, maybe Mirasol pepper? but you can use anything)
2 stalks of celery
salt and pepper
tabel ( which i think is coriander powder)
Tomato paste
Olive Oil

Start preperation by cutting up all veggies( my husband likes everything medium sized but for a rustic feel cut larger pieces). I would cut the squash and patotes bigger because they tend to become soft and smaller when cooked. Divide into two groups: patatoes and squash in one group and the rest in the other (except chick peas leave for the end).

In your pot: olive oil and fry everything except the patatoes and squash. Once really well wilted, onions are sweaty and everything smells amazing, season with salt and pepper.

Add a generous tablespoon (the one you eat with) of tomato paste. Fry the whole again, making sure nothing is sticking, usually about 4 minutes. Add patatoes and squash. Cover with water.

Now here is my secret. My husband is against it but i don't care, i think makes everything taste better. Chicken base, yes i found some halal, hamduleh. I put one cube secretly, because if he sees it he will say " My mother never uses chicken base she only uses fresh chicken" or worse "There is no chicken in chakchouka" etc etc.

Taste broth, add salt and pepper to taste. Half a teaspoon (the one you eat with ) of paprika or more depending on your threashold of pain. Half a table spoon of tabel.

Let it all cook until it becomes amazing. Usually lid half on so some evaporation occurs and it thickens. Add chickpeas at the end to warm them up.

Let me know who tries it!


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Hi Mint

Nice to see another recipe maybe one day i will try to cook one until then keep adding them and i will keep reading.Pity you dont live in England i could come for my dinner hehe.

Regards sb123


ooooh love chakchouka :) with crusty bread. gonna make it over the weekend. cheers


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let me know how it goes!


Can anyone help me with a recipe?

I went to a chicken and chips place somewhere in Gabes, and with our meal we had a delicious bean dish. It looked just like baked beans, and was garlicy and spicy, and yummy!

Our friend said it was called lobia (he described it as 'like Lybia, but with an "O"').

I've tried googling various variants of potential spelling, but no luck, can anyone help?



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Lubia - they are like cannellini beans (white kidney beans), you can get them dry or in tins


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Hi All

Yes hubby says it is definatly lubia never had it myself but sounds nice yummy.

regards sb123


mmmmm it's lovely...it's like a butterbean... it gives you the recipe if you google... vegancooking:lubia enjoy :)


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oooh i love that too!!! We even got it free when we got a takeaway chicken from hammam sousse, sooo nice :)


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I am pretty laid back about people advertising their websites and businesses in Tunisia on this forum however I always ask that people at least try and contribute before they do it.

Can you post a bit more claudia as you have a website about tunisia and as such I would expect more than just two links and then adios


Just a question ppl ..

...lol....my husband is still in Tunis ...but ....keeps talking to me about cooking him cous cous, lablabi etc ....loll! I say ... well i love to cook and we can do this together when he comes over! Just wondered if this something you "were asked to do";)... and have any of you done the tunisian dishes...i am sure you have:D



ps... recipes apprecieted !! ( can't spell tonight! hehe) :);)


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Hone if u go on 2 the thread favourite Tunisian recipes its got loads on there.


I want a bowl of homemade chicken with cous cous NOW just like the tunisian mums make YUM


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Kas - pm me your email and ill forward on a couple of cous cous ones i sent to Kam. Dont know how they turned out for her but my hubby liked them :)


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yes i have made brik and cous cous
i have mastered cous cous now its lovely x x

hubby also makes me this tunisian chicken pasta dish his mum makes its sooooooooo nice x


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lablibi is so easy to make kas, its not exactly the same but it does the job! I've got some recipie cards so can send you some over if you want send me your email xxx



I used the recipe, but did a lamb curry to go with it, I cheat everything I cook for hubby I tell him thats its the Indian version.


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oooh kam lamb curry sounds amazing!!! Counting down till i can end fasting here and maybe shouldnt read these threads!! xx