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Heya! Just wondered is there any one from Nottingham who has a Tunsian boyfriend/Husband?!? Woould love to know this! Thanks xxx
why you wat to know


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hi my tunisian boyfriend keeps asking me to marry him is this normal
i am not surehowto use this site, sorry another computer novice. help


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How do you mean, is it normal? If he cares for you no matter what nationality he is I'd say it's not a strange thing to ask....


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I would think it depends on how long you have been together and most importantly what sort of relationship you have, also what do you know about each other.
I would be cautious but it really is possible he is absolutely genuine.
My boyfriend asked me after 8 weeks as he said he knew straight away and to be honest so did I, but over two years down the line we are still not married but very happy together.
I know its difficult when you read some of the things that have happened but there are lots of people on this and other forums that it has worked for. My advice to you is go for it but keep your head and enjoy. Life is too short for regrets.


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You will get the hang of the forum ;)

Just to reiterate what Liz has said really, it depends on your relationship and how you feel, if you are questioning yourself then maybe you need to take a little bit longer with the relationship - depending on how long you have been together, your situation etc but it is normal if you both feel ready for it, I guess it's no different to any relationship some get married very early some later, with all nationalities. Like Liz I have been with my fiance for 2 years and we marry in May but everyone is different and some that have maybe married early into the relationship are still in happy, successful relationships, go with your instincts and I wish you all the best x


Girls - does any of this sound familiar?!

Hi everyone,

Being addicted to this site it has made me realise that there are alot of us English girls who have fallen in love with Tunisians!
I met my man in October this year and have just got back from spending a week with him. I met all the family, they really welcomed me and I had the most fantastic time. We are now trying to get a visitors visa for him to come here, but in the meantime I feel I need some friends to talk to who understand where I'm coming from!
Does anyone else get all the negative comments "he wants your money", "he wants a visa" etc etc. I am sick of trying to justify myself. I am 31 years old, and I'm far from stupid. There are risks involved in any relationship and I've been hurt by Englishmen enough times. Why can't people just accept that I have met someone who makes me so happy? Yes, he may hurt me, yes it may go wrong and there will be many hurdles ahead. But I can't walk away from him when I have found him to be so kind, loving, funny and respectful.
I don't know what I am looking for from any of you - at the moment I feel so alone and down. I miss him so much. I can be quite insecure and I tend to look at what can go wrong and then get myself upset. I'm probably not the best candidate for a long distance relationship!
I just wondered if there was anyone that felt a little like I do! Probably not, because I expect you are all strong, confident women and not an emotional wreck like I am at the moment!



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Oh don't you believe it that we're all strong and confident, we've probably all been were your at right now, I know I certainly was. It is no different to any other relationship except the distance thing makes it that much harder. Friends and family are only being protective, although it can seem negative and an insult to your intelligence but they'll get used to it.

Go with it and enjoy it, just keep your head screwed on and you'll be fine, you'll get loads of support on here if you need it and there are far more happy endings on here than bad ones.

Good luck and take care xx


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Hi Sally:
Being Tunisian my self from Sousse and in a relationship for over 4 years with a British. Since I am living here and heard so many stories I could understand what they saying. However, all I could tell you, don't mind what they say because there is good and bad everywhere so you are the best person to judge your relationship.
I hope it will work out for both of you and Good Luck for the future!!


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You know what I have learned over the year to just ignore comments like this. As long as you are happy that is all that matters. I know it is easier said then done at times.


Yeah, you are all right. I do try and ignore the comments but its not easy. Some days I can feel really positive and don't care what anyone says, other days it can really get to me.
At the end of the day, I have to follow my heart but be sensible at the same time. And people who really know me and love me should know that I would always be careful.


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I agree that you must follow your heart and not get caught up on what others think of your relationship as it does not matter what they think.


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hi sally,

its sad to hear that many people are making you stop & question your boyfriend but I do agree with the other members, that they do not mean to upset you, they are simply trying to look out for your best interests, although it may not always appear like that to you or your boyfriend. You are the best one to judge your boyfriend & only you have the choices to do so, other people merely have opinions & sadly too many people fall into this catergory regarding cultural differences & assume the worst. This must be very hard for your boyfriend too. In my expereince there is good & bad everywhere in the world & where you come from regardless of your culture should have no bearing on the person you are.

I wish the two of you all the luck in the world & try & ignore others opinions, it will pass & it will get easier when they see how happy you make each other - they have to!!

Good luck,


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Sally I know what you mean but at the end of the day you don't need to justify your relationship to other people, it's you and you only who lives your life and the way I saw it if people didn't like it then tuff.
On a personal note I can assure anyone who would say to me that my hubby used me for a visa is completely untrue as he hates this country and would go back home tommorrow if I would go, he's only here for me and not for a visa or for money as I certainly don't have that either, if anything he's taken on my debts!!

So it does go to show people that just because they are from a different country doesn't mean they're after anything then just falling in love with someone and you can't help what your heart picks.

I know it's hard and I think that at one point most people on here who have been away from their loved one's will understand and sympathise with you, just remember everything might be hard now but it'll all be worth it in the end.

What you've got to remember is you are from different countries and from different backgrounds and each live a totally different way of life, and there's got to be compramise somewhere and only the 2 of you can work this out together, nobody else can do this for you x x x x

Just keep strong and believe in your replationship as if you don't and question it then so will everyone else x x x x


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Hi Sally,

i think most of us have had the he is using you line although i must say my family have been great it was outsiders who dont know anything who start saying these things :)

As you said your not stupid you can make decisions for yourself like we all have

just remember what you think and dont think of what other people think because at the end of the day you know him and they dont

take care xx


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hi,im 60 now and slims 28, so you can imagin wt was said to me by friends and family,4yrs on we live in england nd are happy, just be cearfull use yr head, if he starts asking for money in large amounts dont send any thats the first sign hes a con,my friends have been taken in by tunisian men,thay are level headed and did not think it could happen to them, igot a good one,i think time will tell,any relationship can go bad,slim admits i had england wrote across my forhead when we met,but it turned n to love, just go with the flow, but dont give all for nothing in return,hope its ok for u all my best wishes,syl


hope for the best

hi sally,always whenever you make a choice and try to go defferent way from others they try to block you by upsetting you with some stupid comments,no body can judge any body else unless they know each other ,always some peaple show up only to distroy and take happiness away and fill the gap only with worries and doubts,in every aspect of life there is a risk,live your life,make your own choice,look for your happiness, put the past behind you,advice for you; never compare your life with somebody else experience,i wish you all the best for any move you make in your life


Thank you all for your kind words - it means alot!
I think some of the problem is that since I've been home from Tunisia, I've been off work and had too much time to think!!
I'm lucky that my Mum has met my man and she loves him! She is fully aware that we will have many mountains to climb but wants me to do what I want and not listen to others. I know they say what they say because they care, but god, sometimes I wish they would be a bit more open minded!!
There is an age gap between us as well which I'm struggling with. I've NEVER been attracted to younger men, but he is alot more mature then men that are older then him in the UK! And he has been brought up much better too! Poor Zied is so worried - he thinks I'm going to leave him and is so worried that other people are influencing me now I'm back home. I keep trying to reassure him - its such a shame after we have just both spent the best week of our lives.
Anyway, I'm going to keep positive and remember that he makes me happier then I have ever been and everyone else is just going to have to deal with it!
Thanks again everyone, Happy New Year to you all. Lets hope 2008 brings us all we wish for!


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Sally, I too struggled with the age difference at first, then 3 months down the line I discovered he was 7 yrs younger than I first thought so instead of 12 yrs difference it was 19 yrs, that made me really question myself and I worried what others would think, but we really get on and now I don't give a damn, if anyone doesn't like it then its their problem and not mine. Besides which he's an old fuddy duddy in lots of ways and sometimes I feel like the age thing is reversed. 2 of my colleagues have met him on separate occasions while on holiday and can't wait for him to get here to meet up with him again, so no negativity or comments from them. We've been together over 2yrs now and I don't even give it a thought now.
If its meant to be then so it will be, and your Mum approves so thats great.
Hi Sally,

Again my story so similar to Lizj I met my tunisian man in Nov 2003 did not know till a while later that he was nearly twenty years younger, but age is really just a number it is the person inside that matters. I moved out there for a while but missed my mum here and above all listened to people round me saying age difference, and he was only after a passport yet even after splitting up with him, hurting him by not going back my heart and gut instinct knew he was my soul mate, I met his family went to his sisters wedding he stood up to everybody for me. Now to start a fresh life I moved to Ireland he has got a holiday visa and came over for two weeks in November what bliss we spent time going round all the hotels and fingers crossed we are just waiing for his work permit
GO again just when u find a precious stone you have to hold on to it and only then do you find your real happiness. My family seem to have disowned me but just like he says "the rest of the world can go to the fire" this life is for real so go for what makes you happy above all.

Happy New Year to everyone this is such a wonderful site.

Happy New Year to everyone