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I m from Slovenia and have boyfriend from Tunisia for more than two years. People around me say many bad things about him, but as long as i trust him, believe him and love him, i will not listen to them, cause i m happy with him and we love eachother. so, listen your heart and wish you all the best.


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I know how you feel. I'm 25, and am also a bit insecure. I have met someone from Tunisia,although we have not met in person we have become so close and have so much in common, and yes I do get all the questions. I hope to visit him very soon, the biggest problem for me is my parents, although I'm 25 they still see me as their 'little girl', I can understand them being worried but it is my choice, if I dont go I will regret it for the rest of my life. I have told my family I am going to visit him but have not told them the date yet (March, which will not go down well), I'm not sure how I'm going to do it, because I think as the time draws near I am going to have problems with my family with it. I know I might get hurt, but it is a chance I am willing to take, I'm not stupid and wont let my heart rule my head. Sometimes you have to take a risk, be a little mad, but just remember to keep your head on your shoulders, as you should in any relationship!
I have to say though, that being a part of this community helps a lot, as there are so many people in the same situation, and you can find a lot of advice here and everyone is so helpfull and nice.


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My motto is - follow your dreams, take calculated risks and never regret things you've done in life - only regret things you haven't done!
I think it's always been socially more acceptable in the western world for older men/younger women (and at the end of the day many younger women are with older men for finacial reasons!) but not the other way around until quite recently. In Tunisia and many other countries age just isn't an issue for the majority of people and I think age is just a number after your name -personality, similarity of attitudes and outlook on life are far more important. Be guided by your inner voice - it'll never let you down!
But remember a broken heart will heal a lot quicker than an empty bank account


I would like advise on the tourist visa. My friend in Tunisia says that he needs an invitation to come to Scotland for a holiday. Can anyone advise who this should be addressed to? What form it should take? What should be included? He also suggests that I may not be suitable because I am divorced therefore single. He thinks that my brother would be more appropriate, however my brother has not met him. Please can somebody advise. I miss my friend so much.


Tourist visa

I would like advise on the tourist visa. My friend in Tunisia says that he needs an invitation to come to Scotland for a holiday. Can anyone advise who this should be addressed to? What form it should take? What should be included? He also suggests that I may not be suitable because I am divorced therefore single. He thinks that my brother would be more appropriate, however my brother has not met him. Please can somebody advise. I miss my friend so much.


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Hi Carrie,

I wouldnt have thought that fact that your single or divorced would make a difference not from my personal experience but my friend got her husband visa and she was divorced, i got my husband visa to here in Glasgow and has no probs it depends on individual cir***stances.

As i understand (only my opinion) they just want to make sure he will go back after the holiday :)

good luck x


Sally, I'm not a female like you.

However, this is my 2 cents worth; it is up to you if you spend it or not.

I agree with all the replies above. The things I would like to add on are these crucial questions:

To start:

1. Are you happy? Yes No

2. Do you love him? Yes No

3. Are you prepared to get hurt? Yes No

4. Do you see in him that 5 years from now you are still together? Yes No

5. Do you believe in God? Yes No

If you answered 3-Yes on the above question; I would advised you to go ahead with the relationship.

Who knows he is really the one destined for you?

Enjoy it while it last -- everyone deserves to be happy and to be loved.

Take care and God bless!!

Cheers.. :)


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Hiya! I know exactly how you feel! Im 24 and my tunisian bf is 37! I have been with him for a yr and a half and things are fab! Ive had loadsa people say about visas and things, but I dont believe hes with me for that cos hes not mentioned it once. My mum has met him when she came to Corfu where I met him whilst we worked together, she likes him, but still isnt convinced hes for me. I did try and not contact him for a while, but that didnt last long. I just cant seem to get him out of my head!
And anyway on the 7th Jan im off to Germany where he lives for part of the year and I cant wait. Only goin for 5days but its a hell of a lot cheaper and easier to get there tahn Tunisia!
I say go with your heart and what will be will be!


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Hi Sally, I was engaged to a Tunisian guy and thought everything would work out well and I was all set to move there, I think I may still as I have a job and some very good friends out there to. It did not work out for me as he turned out to be a lying cheat, but any guy from any where can be. I must admit I did always have my doubts about him. But I did meet a lovely guy when I was on holiday in Greece many years ago and we were very happy for 5 years ( and he was a lot older than me) but things came to an end it just ran it's course and we are still very good friends today. What I am trying to say is that yeah there is a lot of bad stories out there and people will always be synical but for everybad story there are 10 more happier ones. So go for it baby, if you don't you may always wonder what could have been and there is nothing worse than that. I hope it all works out for you and you will both be very happy. :)


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seen this before

i am married to an tunisian and he is here now in uk and what a culture shock.
he dont like uk he dont like my house and in general he hates all.
i dont realy why he is here, and start to wonder why? when we was in tunisia he was so different he changed like a camelion over nite seens hes here,
families in tunisia are always friendly and make someone welcome this is tradition not personally ment. also it is in islam relegion Muslam,s are make you welcome and share there daily bread with anybody but i dont want to go to much in relegion here.
just keep in mind to be watchfull when you met your future fiance or husband in tunisia and you spend time there together this is not real live its a holiday fasination and when real begins when he is here then he will show hes true colours.
i am not saying here that every tunisian men or women are the same and good and bad are evrywhere, but ask yourself why he met you, weigh out good and bad points but as i say the real men will show hes face when he is faced with have to cope and have to live in a totally different environment.


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Hi Georgisoff1
I agree totally with what you say, I live in the uk with my Tunisian husband and it is a totally different environment to what they are used to. It is very difficult to adapt to our way of life and if I am honest sometimes in the begining you wonder if it was all worth it. For the first few years whenever we had a row my husband was going home. I am thankful to say now 9 yrs down the line we are both happily settled. One other thing to consider what will these Tunisian boys do when they arrive, where will they work as the majority won't have any formal recognised qualifications. The holiday feeling doesn't last long when there are bills to pay and mouths to feed.


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Wow Issam, you have been through so much - I just want to say well done on turning your life round. I'm a strong believer that the only person you can truly rely on in life is yourself - all the bad things that happen make you a stronger person in the end. Everything that has happened to me (good or bad) I see as a learning experience. Your story is amazing, I genuinely hope that all your bad experiences are well and truly behind you and that you only experience good things in your future.


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Hi Issam,

Hope that you are in good health ! Issam i can't say that i am a religious person but i do believe in god and i have always said that humans are put on earth to see if they can pass the test, if you try hard and go for the goals that you want in life ,and you succeed, if you just lay back and wait for good things to happen in life then you will fail, my motto is life is too short and if you want to succeed in life you must know ruffly what you want in life and when the opportunity comes grab whatever you can with both hands, but also have thought for others as well. Even though i don't know you i really feel proud that you are a good example too others and that if you want to change your life around anything is possible, so good luck for the future


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Issam, what great example you are of determination, thank you for sharing your story, its made me feel more positive about the problems I am currently faced with which now seem quite minor in comparison,
Wishing you further success in your future.


i folded my past away and now is only a story to say,never wait for god's fingers to click to make every aspect of your life work, is only your self and your way of thinking can make things work


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hi there cathibou.
you true right the holiday feeling dont pay for anything. my husband is quite educated with some degree,s and university stuff but guess where he works here in Uk?
at local sainsbury,s store as general labour. its not only that there is no education but also will UK recognise there degress and certificates?
anyway for now hes working hard and the next quation is FOR WHAT? i guess to send money back to hes so called pure family....LOL


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Hi Issam,

I felt really sad & then ultimately happy after reading your story! - what a life story so far & what a fabulous way in which you have managed to turn your life around full circle and eventually discover your own little rainbow at the end of it - well done to you! You must feel very proud to have achieved so much after being through so much - it just goes to show that if you have the positivity & the determination you will eventually succeed. What a fantastic example you are to anyone out there who feels the same, or has been put into similiar cir***stances.
You are right, unfortunately, we do not know what lies ahead of us & sometimes it is best we don't, we just have to try and live our lives to the best of our ability and if we misjudge a situation/relationship or a person & make mistakes, which we all do, we must learn to adapt to change & move on. It really is amazing how strong love can be and how much we are willing to sacrafice to achieve & maintain it, but sadly not everyone is willing to always sacrafice the same back, which is always a tough call for anyone to receive, but I am sure this experience has made you a far wiser, happier & stronger person than you were before!!
Its lovely to hear people turn their lives around in the way you have, it helps to restore everyones individual potential.

Best of luck to you,

You know your story would make a fabulous movie, just maybe that could be next!! (if so, remember me in the credits!!!)


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I met a Tunisian almost 6 years ago, he was here in the states past his stay and I fell in love. Of course I always wondered if there were other motives, but we love each other and we have been married 5 years and have a beautiful daughter. In ANY relationship there can be the chance to get hurt, the chance that there are other motivations, so you can just think that this is a different situation with different risks. If you love each other, get over it. Whats the worst that could happen? Same thing that an Englishman could do to you....


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Dear Sally
Sorry to hear your having a bad time i was 31 when i married my tunisian husband. We have been married 6 years now but remember family and friends only want whats best for you and unfortunatly not all holiday romances are genuine.If its meant to be it will stand the test of time and work out somehow.We have been very happy and are still in love and all obstacles can be overcome if you want it badly enough and are prepared to compromise.My family love my husband but were still worried at the start.
Good Luck


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tunisian men

In the short time myself and hajer have been working on our site we have been amazed just how many people from the UK and Europe especially girls (Tunisian girlfiends are a little more rare it seems) have fallen in love and married their Tunisian sweethearts.

Myself and Hajer met when Hajer studied English in Norwich a couple of years ago and that was it I would have dreamt up many things but not that I would meet someone from Tunisian LOL and my idea of what a Tunisian would be like was totally wrong.

Do any folks on here have any romance tales or have any questions regarding the logistics of being married in Tunisia or to a Tunisian then I should be able to help out.

wonder if you can help me i met a guy whilst staying at the vincci in el kantoui are they genuine