Tunisian TV in the UK!!!


Hello all!!
My hubby is now in the UK with me and is keen to get some Tunisian TV channels!! He has brought a tv box with him but we are not sure how or where to get a sattelite dish or if we even need one?! Does anyone know how to get Tunisian TV over here? Thanks in advance x


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How about IP TV?
I will be moving to the UK and I think I will bring my receiver with me , it have a 1 year IPTV membership, it has all the middle eastern and French channels .
Only requires a fair internet connection .(above 8 mb ps)


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This is something I'm interested in too, just in case...
How did the wedding go kiki1000?? Hope it all went to plan... have you got th visa now already?? X


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We have a ZAAP tv which seems to work most of the time.