Tunisian Women in 1962


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And not a hijab to be seen.


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That really isn't too long ago, only a few years after the decolonisation of Tunisia.


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To be fair that is indoors and you can find photos like this today.

At that time I have seen a few images with safsari and men with traditional clothes.

That was a time of ambition and optimism with technology and modernism seen as the way forward.

The emergence of the monied gulf countries as the most influential arabs means that their culture is exported along with hijabs and niquabs.... I admire those who choose to wear traditional Tunisian clothes.

Unfortunately a young Tunisian boy could study hard and become a banker/doctor/scientist but no matter how hard he studies is he going to acquire an oil well. Its hard knowing you have to work for a living when you see people laying about and driving gold plated Ferraris.

The biggest shock for me is seeing the clean streets, parks and cinemas etc its was clearly aesthetically more pleasing then and ironically even with diabolical overbuilding and expansion homes have become less affordable than back then.

Selfishness and alright jack mentalities have held the country back.





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Any idea where that casino is Kris? It doesn't look like the Casino Caraibe, which so many tour operators advertise their hotels as being close to, despite not functioning as a casino for many years.


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Notice how clean it looks in the streets? *sigh* The good ol' days I guess....:(


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Hi Essem, I've never seen this thread before. I'm quite gobsmacked at how they dressed then, however, they all look stunning:)
Don't they just? Different times from now that's for sure