Visa - Immigration Health Surcharge and Visa Fees (Pay cash )


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Thank you !


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Susan and Jasmin

Application fees are 2006 TND by person , this to be paid in cash (can also be paid online , but As you that's not allowed in Tunisia for normal people)..

The Fast Track VAS from TLS is 150 £ per applicant (and can only be paid for online)
2006.00 TND for vistor visa app ????? or spouse visa?


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no your right it is today, 1195 for visa, 600 nhs, 59 for using TLS, priority is now 450 - this is all without the charges :( :(
so that visa fee of 1172.70 was when it was 956 (an extra £200+ :( ) i think we need nearly £3k to apply priority to make sure it is all covered! Good time to start a diet - wont be able to afford to eat at this rate!! x
My total fees were £97 with lloyds but I've heard others as much as £260 pre increase.