Visit visa for my mother in law

I have seen many posts here about them but nothing really up to date and as the ukvi changes it's mind on what seems to be a day to day basis I would like some help please. We would love to get my husbands mum over for a while so she can have time to enjoy her grandsons rather then having to cram it all into a couple of weeks. She doesn't work so how much would i need showing in my bank and for how long as my brother has said he will put 5k into my bank to try and help us. I also understand the they need to see she will return to tunisia would the fact she's the woman of the house count as she will defo return back because she would never leave her husband other children, mother and rest of her family for to long as her life is in tunisia. I would be thankful for any advice. Many thanks


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Any money transferred has to be over a long time so temp gifts are not going to cut it as for example you could pay me 1000 and I could put 70k in your account > get visa for a spouse > then give me money back. So to avoid that one there is a time you have to have the money.

I have had my mother in law over a few times with no problems.... the first time was the longest to process as you would expect.

As she has a life in Tunisia and children and to be honest is a older women she would considered low risk of running away.

So read the documentation and give them evidence of the following.

  • An invitation letter
  • Who will be sponsoring it does not have to be you if your brother has a house and money he can do it.
  • Mention a budget for example she will need £x a week or more when here and here is x in my budget.
  • Ensure you have a place for her to stay either a room in rented/owned or hotel receipt.
There is no secret formula someone will read your application and ask the following...
  • Is this person the person they say they are/genuine relationship?
  • Is this person a risk to the uk?
  • Is this person going to go back?
  • Does this person have enough money to do what they say they will do?
  • Do they have a place to stay i the UK?
Just fill in the papers and keep the above in mind and you will be fine just plan the trip as you would do for yourself with budget and timescales.

Please also make sure she has insurance!!!
Ok lovely thank you for the help and advice. Very much appreciated