Visit visa help :)


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Family visitors visa? Good luck...xx
Yeah thats the one. We don't hold much hope as I am sure their throwback will be the intent to return. We will have to see, maybe we will be lucky. If not it will be the spouse visa in April.


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So strange because the UKBA request official translations in English on their website. Just shows they don't stick to anything they say. We've applied for a family visa. We now are just waiting although I don't hold my hopes up too high even though we supplied a ridiculous amount of stuff.
Maybe its different circumstance? In our circumstances hubby was not coming to visit me. He and I were travelling together to visit friends there. Travelling together really makes no difference to them if we're married or not. So thats probably why it did not need to be an official translation. Might be different if he was coming to visit me in the UK then they would pay more attention to our connection.

Nicola Ghribi

I wonder if someone can help help me( in two wewks I am applying for my husbands visitor visa via the UK border agency website and then I am hoping to book an appointment at the embasst for two weeks latee when I visit. In the mean time I am going to write a letter of invitation to the embassy in Tunis via email....I am going to attach photos of my passport and photos of us together and anything else I can. The rest we will take to interview....

I am over prepared with paper work and earning £500 pounds a week so money is not an issue.

I have prepared for it as if it is a spouse visa so I have more than I need.

Could you offer me some advice? And if my husband is accepted is he likely to be able to fly back with me?


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Hi Nicola, I hope I am correct in saying BUT with a VV the onus is more on your husband than you. He needs to prove his intent to return to Tunisia or he will be refused regardless of what you earn. He needs to show things such as a work contract allowing him time off and a job to return to. Or he must be the main bread winner for his household. Can he prove either?


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I know someone who was refused because she earned more than her spouse so they said he wouldn't return home.
Even with letters from the employer they normally say no unless he has significant financial ties to that company.
It is hit and miss. I do know someone who has theirs to visit but the others I've known, not so successful.


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Spot on. It's got nothing to do with you and everything to do with the visitor. They need to believe he will return. I think sometimes it better that the women is not even in the picture and he's rather visiting mates or family he has there for a week or two. But having a job with approved time off or being in university with approved time off letters plus their own bank account and funds showing earnings is key.

My advice is don't waste your time and money on it. If u want to spend time together outside of Tunisia go to turkey as he does bit need a visa for that but the holiday will probably cost u more.