Visiting Korbous


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Korbous is 50 km far from Tunis, it is a thermal city, with its 7 hot springs is known for treating rheumatisms , u can reach this region by a cliffside road.
really it is a wonderful place :) i went there many times , it is extremely exciting.
when u come to tunisia , don't hesitate to visit it ;)


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Hi Sana,

Hope that you are in good health !
We have been to Korbous many times, the last time was last November, the beach was freezing but where the hot water is, its boiling I nearly burnt my feet.
I really don't know how those old ladies manage to keep there feet in that hot water for so long, but I did notice that they have quite a bit of rubber under their soles so maybe that's why they can't feel the heat...........
You can also go and have a scrub in the hamam and have all that mud pasted on your body, its brilliant , your body feels so fresh and clean.....
Take care
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Hmmm...interestering Sana - right now I´m working with a new geothermal project in Sweden drilling for hot water, might be a good idea to visit Korbous...


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