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what do Tunisians eat for breakfast?

Discussion in 'Tunisian Recipes and Cooking' started by lara.n.kroft@gmail.com, May 15, 2009.

  1. sianperkins89

    sianperkins89 Well-Known Member

    yeah i think thats it chamair, ahh i didnt like it. also he eats a lot of 'confiture' or jam, fig flavour, i dont like that either :(
    my tunisian breakfasts consist of pain au chocolat or boiled eggs or bread with that Saïd chocolate paste...yummy!!!
  2. Soltef

    Soltef New Member

    Mine eats bcissa then sleeps agin after breakfast and a few cigarettes,lol!Love the tinned confiture!Similar b'fasts!Do you get the Dairylea cheese triangles too,lol?
  3. sianperkins89

    sianperkins89 Well-Known Member

    yeah! well tunisian/french substitute for dairylea whatever it may be called, all tastes the same lol.....i dont really eat a lot of tunisian food these days, i liked it at first but now i have gone off the spices and stuff which is a shame as it looks so nice.
    the only traditional thing i can eat without being ill is brika!
  4. Soltef

    Soltef New Member

    I can't get hold of Tunisian food easily!I wish there were Tunisian food tak-aways alll over,lol!
  5. sianperkins89

    sianperkins89 Well-Known Member

    haha yeh, that would be good as i like the takeaway sandwiches they do there and the chips, so much better than mcdonalds!
  6. cayden

    cayden New Member

    this talk of food is making me hungry, not good at this time of night! :D
  7. Dolly

    Dolly Active Member

    I'm hooked on Spi Choco! But also we eat honey with oil in the morning neither of us being breakfast people
  8. jukcoder

    jukcoder Member

    Been looking for this for months! Haaaayak Allah
  9. marhaba

    marhaba Well-Known Member

    i want the gataux thats like a custard slice but its brown lol
  10. Soltef

    Soltef New Member

    Dates stuffed with pistachio and butter 'paste'!
  11. kaylee_bou_absa

    kaylee_bou_absa Well-Known Member

    What is the name of the soft/crumbly type of spreadable stuff.. It comes in all pretty colours like pink, green and its really sweet.. I always have this on bread with butter... yummy!! xx
  12. caveatemptor

    caveatemptor Well-Known Member

    No no no, the best breakfast is eggs, bacon cumberland sausages and fried bread, Heinz ketchup or HP brown sauce. Mrs and Miss Cav always bring back a suitcase full for the freezer.
  13. marhaba

    marhaba Well-Known Member

    i always miss an english breakyy
  14. annh

    annh Active Member

    @ Kaylee: I think what you describe is Halwa
    I go for healthy stuff in the morning - yoghurt, bread, fruit,.... I'm not English and I can not understand the fun of a hot meal in the morning ;-)
  15. Lissy

    Lissy Guest

    We ate the following for breakfast when we lived there:

    Freshly squeezed orange juice, fried/hard boiled eggs, fresh baguette, coffee, olive oil either with the eggs or with cheese triangles. We also occassionally had apricot jam on the baguette.
  16. ILWAT

    ILWAT Guest

    My boyfriend cooks me scrambled egg every morning well it normally turns into a omlette but he says its scrambled egg!!! then we have croissants! and milk and maybe a youghurt! maybe even aseeda (not sure of the spelling!!) it varies everyday!! oh and a cereal called grandor!!! its yummy!!!!
  17. sparkle

    sparkle Well-Known Member

    mine likes a mixture of chocolate cerial and crushed oreo cookies in a bowl of milk then a yougurt and a banana
  18. crazypink

    crazypink Well-Known Member

    Thought i would revive this thread :)

    I love drah and halva ;) sooooo yummy. Also love bsissa - with nuts and dates! My MIL makes the best bsissa.
  19. Marie1959

    Marie1959 Well-Known Member

    crusty bread with olive oil and somedays eggs cooked various ways mainly hard boiled. personally I dont eat breki but he cant converse till he eaten and had a coffee or Tar like he has it lol x
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  20. Cas

    Cas Guest

    Yes I am always given a container full to bring home. I put it in yogurt.

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