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Welcome to the forum Viss hope you find lots of interest here. The question you ask is a really hard one. Do you have any skills you could teach? As you have realised the work situation is impossible right now with so many Tunisians looking for a job. Could you set up some sort of business, you will see in other parts of the forum we have members that have done this.

Viss izdosies!

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Thank you for the answer! :)
I have read all posts on the similar topics.. I also know the situation in Tunisia right now.. but to my opinion it is the same in a lot of Europien countries, too. My aim basiclly is find a work which I could unit with studying 2 times a week in British Council. I am planning to study in Avicenne Private Business school from october, 2012.. but as you know it really costs as it is not tunisian school.. I have thought about setting up my own business.. have checked out some travell agencies.. call centers.. so lets see how it will be :) I am asking maybe for some other options hier.. any suggestions? :)


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It's really difficult, because the company has to proof that the work they will let you do, can't be done by a Tunisian person.
So therefore it is great if you can do something which is very rare and difficult a Tunisian person to do that job.

I don't know where you live here in tunisia, if it's close to a Tourist place you can maybe get a job as a hostess, but it's very difficult, because there are more European persons living here.

And indeed otherwise start a business for yourself, travel agencies I will not advise to do that, call center I don't know.
how did you move to Tunisia? how did you get visa? did you rent a house or what?


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Hello, you don't need a visa to come to tunisia as a tourist ... But if you wanna settle here you will need a " carte de séjour" ...


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Stayed in Hamamet last week and spoke to animation staff. they work minimum 12 hour shift with salary of around 500TD.


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I think you should join to language translation online as a freelancer.