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I am Lithuanian long time resident in tunisia. Living and working here. In Lithuania I am Not declared from 2009. I want to ask what kind of documents exactly I need for to get married with tunisian.
Thank you
May I ask what u did to ur marriage get recognised??
If I want to marry a British citizen in uk does it be recognised or not ? And what did u do to make it recognised
Hi I want to marry a British citizen does the marriage recognised in the uk .if not what some of u did to make recognised
Is there anyone going over to Tunisia Sousse and returning back to the uk around January time am going over the 11th November and will be returning back January we could meet up and fly home together thanks
Hi Everyone is anyone else having trouble with flights to Tunisia from Glasgow. I can’t get a direct flight and i will do travel 10 hours or more for a 3 hour 45 minute flight ✈ thanks
Hello..i am monica from the USA and am engaged to a Tunisian man. Hoping to learn from all of you!
what would you like to learn x
hi kris my name is akrem i been look how to help tunis to go on hoilday to uk i am looking for sum help for go hoilday to uk form tunis plz if you can help me in any way thank you
Best to visit a travel agent in Tunis they will be able to tell you what you would need and help arrange it for you. You can apply for a visitors visa at the British Embassy in Tunis
Hi thank you for your help in translating!
Mohamed jarallah
Mohamed jarallah
My pleaseur
Learning to be Tunisian
please could you help me with some info ? i married my tunisian husband 18 months ago and we have a 10 month old son , i have had no luck bringing him to the uk as i have 5 young children in total so its pretty impossible for me to work as i have no family around to help with my kids.
i was juat wondering if i was to move to spain and rent a property there would my husband be able to get a visa to come there?
Hi!! My boyfriend live in tunisieand i really want him to live whit me here in Iceland but Its so hard to get him here i dont know how :( , We are going to get married , i have son in Iceland that wanna meet him , i want him to come and have a life whit me and my son here in Iceland , can someone Please help me?
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Are you in Tunisia now ?
Mohamed jarallah
Mohamed jarallah
If you're married with him in paper so you can go to Tunisia and come back with him easily inchallah
Mohamed jarallah
Mohamed jarallah
If your marriage is legal, there are no obstacles. Yes, I forgot the passports and the ticket