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My opinion about Tunisian men

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Marsa, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. Marsa

    Marsa New Member

    Hi everyone ;)
    I just feel like expressing myself about Tunisian men. its only my opinion.
    first of all: i know that they re not ALL the same :)

    The only men i ever dated are european , because i have a big problem with the mentality of Tunisian men.
    of course my family is tunisian, and i love them a lot. but i think dating one is different :)

    many times i hear men saying how great it would be to live in Europe. and say that they will do EVERYTHING to live there , even if its only Italy.
    when they know im from Holland , they say how lucky i am.
    mothers are trying to hook me up to their sons.

    thats why the Tunisian girls in Europe try to find a Tunisian, algerian or other partner living in europe.
    so ladies pls be carefull.
    If he really loves you, just tell him to live in Tunisia with u

    My mothers friend in Holland , she married a good Tunisian men , build a house, have a son. then he got a passport and just left her for a polish lady ,just because she is whiter and prettier AND because he really loves this one.

    again, im not saying they re all like that.

    and most Tunisian men they demand their fiancee to be virgin. If she s not , then they see her as an easy girl. but when they meet a european lady, its not an issue for them anymore
    and i ve seen pleeeeeeenty of these examples. sad but true

    just be carefull who u trust ladies, i say that just because i want everybody to be happy , and pick the right man out :)

    good luck
  2. hollysahbi

    hollysahbi Active Member

    not all tunisian men are like this you make them sound really bad. And you cant always say that we should live in tunisia because it is hard to find work out there so unless you have alot of money you cant say you want to live there. my husband is tunisian and a lovely man he is 23 and i am 22 i know he loves me and i love him. you can have a relationship with anybody in the world and they can be good or bad so i think that you shouldn't tarnish all tunisian men with the same brush. there was no need for a thread like this you have good and bad men in all countries.
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  3. carina

    carina New Member

    i really agree with u holly not all men are the same !!! there are good and bad men all over the world xx
  4. Marsa

    Marsa New Member

    like i said loads of time , not all men are like this
    im Tunisian, lived there as well, i know what most of them are like.
    and im talking about MY experiences
    and what i see
    please go ask random Tunisian girls all around europe, they all are looking for tunisian men living in europe.
    i know loads of them in amsterdam, they even start to marry morocan because there is not a lot of tunisian

    even a couple of years ago , they have a Tv serie during ramadan on TV7
    the guy lied to his mother that the lady he lives with in the USA is his landlord. she is 25 years older then him. then later he admitted that its his wife and his mother is crying, because she didnt know and because he said that he doesnt love her
    lol very silly example :)))) but why are they even discussing this on TV???

    anyway no offence, i was not talking about your man, i dont even know him
  5. hollysahbi

    hollysahbi Active Member

    ok but you need to be carefull what you write about because you make it sound like all tunisian men and women just want one thing and that is to marry a non tunsian and live outside tunisia
  6. Marsa

    Marsa New Member

    i know
    but im just telling what i ve experienced
    of course , you re with family and friends, and they make jokes like: just give me a random woman so i can get out of this country.
    i take her old and wait till she dies

    I swear thats things i heard a lot in tunisia
    lots of men go to the pools in hotels just to meet tourists.
    some hotels in gammarth even made it forbidden for Tunisians! Do you guys really know all this ?:)

    or just google: Tunisian men maarying passport and you ll see what Tunisian girls say about that.

    also in belgium there was a story about a guy called Hamadi, and he hooked up with a 62 year old gay man from belgium. they married and where is he now ?? it was on Tv on the program Telefacts and the guy turns out to be straight...

    and again:p im sure there are genuine marriages
    these messages are just a warning for the bad guys. because not all men are like this, but the majority is, trust me
  7. Marsa

    Marsa New Member

    women are different.

    generally women are not allowed to marry a non muslim. he has to convert

    and some families even dont allow a man from european descent, muslim or not.

    so for a girl to fight her parents about that and risking to lose her family, i think u really must be in love

    but of course there are bad tunisian girls

    i remember in the street where i used to live , there are men from france and they bring the car :)) the girls make sure they stand there all made up. and saying : look they re there, lets make sure they can see us!!!! :) lol
  8. hollysahbi

    hollysahbi Active Member

    ok but i find that alot of tunisian women when i am with my husband in tunisia will look at me with a horrible look like they think the man is just after you for your money or a visa they never seem to think that he might actually love you. i have a tunisian friend who is a girl who said to me the tunisian women will look at you like this because they dont want you take the men away and that they like to make trouble for you so that you dont take him out of the country. i dont no if this is true but it just annoys me that people cant wait to say bad things about tunisian men i hear it all the time, people ask me why have you married a tunisian he just wants this and that they dont think that he loes you. you cant help who you fall in love with. you can fall in love with a english guy and there is no way in knowing that he will stay with you forever he might leave you after a year or 30 years or you might leave him. you just have to trust your heart and if it doesnt work out at least you can say you tried and you have good memories while it has lasted which goes for any reltionship in any part of the world
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  9. Marsa

    Marsa New Member

    thats right Holly

    There will be Tunisian girls that are jealous because you re married with one.
    but dont mind the, as long as both of you are happy.and im sure u are
    i mean my cousin is married a french-russian lady , and they both have a job in tunisia are happy etc. i hear comments why he couldnt get a tunisian girl :Dchildish but u always have these ppl

    im dating an english guy and we re getting married soon i never heard an english girl complaining lol :p:D

    just a link i found maybe its usefull (this is ment for everyone)
  10. hollysahbi

    hollysahbi Active Member

    i hope you have a lovely wedding xx
  11. Jasmine

    Jasmine Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I would like to say, that we are not all naive when it comes to figuring out the good and bad people. I think we have all read good and bad posts on other people's relationships and experiences and are more aware of what goes on.
    We cannot tar all men with the same brush, especially when i know girls/women who have only gone on holiday for the sun and to have a holiday "fling" knowing full well they have a partner at home.....So women are not any better than men in this respect, and NO i am not saying anyone on this forum has done that.....I know when i first met my man 5yrs ago i was not looking to fall in love, have holiday romance, but as time went on it clicked and fell into place, and we have been communicating and seeing eachother since.
    As for the Visa issue, not ALL tunisian men think it would be 'easier' living in Europe, certainly the tunisian men that i know, who are friends with my man, and who i have met on my travels are fully aware that there are positive and negatives to leaving Tunisia, as there would be for any one leaving their own country.
    Your experiences of tunisian men Marsa, are you experiences, and we respect your opinions as you are entitled to freedom of speech, and im sure most of us on this forum would have good and bad experiences of English men....
    I am aware there are men and women marrying only for a visa, but having said that, we cannot say just because that happens, not everyone's relationship is due to a visa. There obviously alot of relationships that DO work and it is due to the fact that 2 people fell in love, they love and trust eachother.
  12. Tounsia

    Tounsia Well-Known Member

    Im a random tunisian girl living in europe and i totally disagree with what you are saying, Id prefer a guy who lives in tunisia. Even though i do get a bit paranoid about the visa situation i know not all guys are the same, especially nowadays where most men are not that bothered about leaving tunisia
  13. Kamantha

    Kamantha Guest

    Well said Jas, my husband didn't want to come to England it took me a whole year after we married persuading him, his only here because I am still studying. Once I've finished my studies we will be going back to Tunisia. So don't think that he married me for a visa, also he prefers life in Tunisia then England.

    As Holly said if we all packed up and went to live out there, what would we do for jobs, as for Tunisian girls in Europe not wanting to marry Tunisian men that are currently in Tunisia I'm sure theres loads of European women, British women included that have the same thoughts.

    My marriage is not based on a visa or money (as we constantly get told) we spilt everything 50/50 and its all to do with respect and love, the respect and love that I would get from my husband I would never get from anyone.

    Marsa, I am of Asian origin and believe me theirs load of us Asian girls that were born and bought up in countries outside the Asian Sub-Continent and we would never dream of marrying a guy from back home as we have the same thinking of Tunisian women that live in Europe.
  14. Marsa

    Marsa New Member

    thanks Holly :)

    It s of course better if the man doesnt bother to leave Tunisia. you can find these guys.

    as for Tunisian girls in europe, all the ones i know, go find a tunisian man elsewhere in europe, one of my friends she even has a fiance in marseille because she refuses to bring a tunisian man to europe. thats what she says. and when i say all the girls i know, i really mean all:eek:

    kamantha why do these asian girls dont want to marry men from back home, do they tell you reasons?? :)

    and ladies, dont get offended by my post , as its only my opinion :)
    best to all
  15. feefad

    feefad Well-Known Member

    Jas and Kam I totally agree. My husband didnt want to come here either but with our current situation it wouldnt have been possible for me to go there. he didn't marry me for a better life and money as I don't have any and we don't have lots of extra cash at all. If anyone in Tunisia were to ask my husband about coming here for the visa he would tell them that it is not worth it, he cannot understand why people would leave such a happy laid back life to come to the stress and the hassles of the UK. It's hard sometimes knowing that I am the reason that we are living here and that he would not have witnessed the racism and discrimination if it weren't for me. But then again, we get through these things together.

    His family wouldn't have dreamed of trying to get him to marry someone living in Europe. if you could see how heartbroken his family are each time we leave you wouldnt wish this upon anyone. They would love nothing more than for us to be living in Tunisia.

    I don't think that you can say most men are like that from your experiences as most men will marry another Tunisian in Tunisia. For those that do enter relationships with other nationalities, I dont think alot of us are naive. We do know what can go on but sometimes you have to take a chance in life. For alot of the girls on here taking that chance has been worth it. Some have now been married for years, with the visas and the passports, oh, and shock, they are still together.
  16. Jasmine

    Jasmine Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I know my man does not want to leave Tunisia, and he has stated this from the early days when we became friends - nothing more at that time LOL....
    And i know his reasons, and they're his own personal reasons which i dont think is fair that i should post on here, but i understand his reasons, respect them. But having said that, i would live in a cardboard box on the moon, after we are married as long as we are together and happy.
    How frightening yet exciting it must be for anyone leaving all they have known for their lives to move somewhere completely different??? I know i would not personally upsticks from my life, my safety net of family and friends, if i did not truly love someone, to step in the complete unknown. I think the genuine Tunisian men, who have not married for a visa, but for love, deserve some great respect for leaving their country, family and friends to come here. And that goes for others too... England has its advantages compared to Tunisia,but also there are alot of disadvantages, but i know where i would rather be LOL.....
  17. Marsa

    Marsa New Member

    its good to hear positive stories about genuine relationships with tunisian men :eek:

    but i still dont trust most of them (im not talking about your men btw)
    must be all the horrible things i heard.
    i lived in la marsa in the north of tunisia. sometimes i feel like exploring other parts there. so i went to monastir and stayed in rosa beach hotel. i went there with 2 friends(both dutch). one of my friends was really loved up with an animator.he was always with her.
    when we were about to leave , he took her separate in the luggage room in the lobby:confused:
    when she came back she was all like , oh his poor mother is in hospital. she is very very ill. i gave him what i had in my pocket which is 50 euros:rolleyes:
    anyways they kept contact but the and finally she realised things; he always ask her money for his mum and bottles of whiskey for him. and believe me he is an expert about western union:p
  18. Jasmine

    Jasmine Well-Known Member Staff Member


    Sorry but you get this everywhere......English men are the same, just more subtle in doing it...believe me from some one who was put in thousands of £s of debt by one (english man)....

    A good indication that Tunisian men are genuine, they will not ask you for money. Known my man 5yrs, he's never asked me for a penny, or gifts....Just myself LOL.....

    However, we are not naive that this happens, its just whether you make a rod for your own back by giving in so easily from the start, and yes it does happen. My man is fully aware that i have no money, no owned house, but he loves me for me.

    But because you experience 1 situation like this, does not mean it all that common... and im fully aware you are not criticising my man, as you are just generalising your opinions and experiences.

    Threads like these can and will cause upset and differences of opinions, but the intentions are always good, and it is good to express ourselves, but i personally will stand up for my man, and any other Tunisian relationship, until i am proven different, it is genuine.
  19. feefad

    feefad Well-Known Member

    Hi Marsa, these posts just sometimes make me defensive :) I can totally agree with what you are saying, as even here you will read some stories like this and I have also witnessed guys with "fiances" in Europe going off with other guests and things while showing off to me all of the lovely things the fiance has sent. I don't want to post just to say how fab my husband is, etc, just that some of the girls are entering into new relationships with Tunisian men and I want them to know that yes be very careful but some of them are fab and some of them can change (I understand full well that my husband was a bit of a womaniser before he met me). If they are asking for money and gifts early on then yes, it doesn't sound too good but not all of them do, some of them do want to meet a nice girl and settle down.
  20. Marsa

    Marsa New Member

    everyones opinion is just based in past experiences

    of course there s genuine relationships between tunisian men and european women, as there is all around the world

    you may had bad past experiences with an english man, but i never had.
    same goes here, you have good experiences with tunisians and i never had a good one. it just scares me,because of course everyone deserves to be happy.
    even my own parents dont mind me being with an english man , they re even very happy :eek:
    i wish u could understand the tunisian language
    i heard in the hotels like yaa malla hmema (look what a pigeon) to several tourists in the hotel

    feefad :) seems like you know the bad sides as well,
    and im happy that you found the right one now


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