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Tunisia music

Discussion in 'Tunisian Music' started by Mak, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Essem

    Essem Administrator Staff Member

    I'm in Scotland.
  2. Nisrin

    Nisrin New Member

    Is that so? Are there many tunisians in Scotland, or are you pretty much unique? *just curious*
  3. Essem

    Essem Administrator Staff Member

    I'm Scottsh not Tunisian. There are a few Tunisians in Scotland.

    And I'm totally 'unique'..........
  4. Trulymadlydeeply

    Trulymadlydeeply Moderator Staff Member

    Have to agree with you there hun x

    P.S And don't you forget it....
  5. Nisrin

    Nisrin New Member

    Oh, sorry then. Didn't mean to be rude, though....
  6. Cathibou

    Cathibou New Member

    She might as well be in the US, very cosmopolitian is Essem
  7. Essem

    Essem Administrator Staff Member

    Didn't take it as rude at all...
  8. Essem

    Essem Administrator Staff Member

    Absolutely as cosmopolitan as the cocktails I drink!!!!
  9. Kassie

    Kassie Guest

    ...I am scottish!!!!!!!!! tooooooooo lol :D....scots are lovely people ;)

  10. Nancy

    Nancy Member

    Ohh I love Medina! Thier songs Mahlea and Hoodsfre are my favourite!))) You can watch the videos here:

  11. Sana

    Sana New Member

    Mezwed is a genre of popular traditional music . Usually it is sung in a local Tunisian dialect and played in parties and weddings . Nowadays this kind of music is mixed with some Hip Hop and rap music . :)
    have u ever listened to Tunisian Mezwed before?
  12. chadli

    chadli New Member

    merci wa baraka allah fik
  13. joujou117

    joujou117 New Member

    I really love it.
    It's one of the things made me love Tunisia more. But never i heard it mixed with hip hop
  14. Tounsia

    Tounsia Well-Known Member

    i love them, overplayed them so much in the summer, its a shame they arent more well known but i hope they will be soon. They are on myspace if anyone wants to check it out, reminds me of a swedish version of outlandish
  15. Tounsia

    Tounsia Well-Known Member

    i love it! Cant sit still when mezoued is playing lol
  16. Delstar

    Delstar Active Member

    had a live band playing it non stop at my wedding, very nice and very loud!
  17. chadli

    chadli New Member

    choran wa baraka allah fik
  18. Sana

    Sana New Member


    yes true , there are many tunisian singers who are famous not only in tunisia but also abroad , for example : Saber reba3i who has excellent songs :)
    i like his songs ;)
  19. ROULLA

    ROULLA Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Sana,

    Hope that you are in good health ! I went to see Saber rebai a couple of years ago in mamoura if that how you spell it, anyway he was really good....he is very shy to talk to though,as the security took me behind the set to meet him.........
    Take care x
  20. Sana

    Sana New Member


    oh great Roulla :) really u did it? did u like his songs? :rolleyes:

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