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Toujane (توجان‎)

Toujane (توجان‎)

Takrouna is a small village in the Tunisian Sahel region, located about six kilometers west of Enfidha, towards Zaghouan. It’s built on a high rock 200 meters above sea level overlooking the surrounding plain, overlooking the Gulf of Hammamet, with Sousse & Hergla to the east, Djebel Zaghouan to the north & Kairouan to the South.

 Toujane (توجان‎)

Toujane is a mountain village that is divided into two parts by a valley. On both sides of the deep valley, the mountains quickly rise to dramatic summits.


It is the setting that makes Toujane into what it is. The architecture is standard for this region, with normal square houses made out of recegular mountain stones. The views from both parts of the village are also impressive. Right underneath you a river runs, and first waters a number of palm trees, before it ends in a more open valley with a more diversified agriculture.


Looking over Toujane




Carpet stall


Water source

Toujane’ houses are made from local stone, and at certain times of the day, mountain and dwellings melts together. Closer up, details reveal themselves, but never in abundance.
There may be some decorations with windows and doors, but even this is limited to only better-off families.

             Hotels and Alternatives

There are 2 basic, but really friendly, hotels in town. Prices are rock-bottom.

Eat in one of the hotels.

Change Money
Nothing. Do this in Gabes (80 km) or Medenine (60 km).

It is difficult to get out here without your own transportation. Best is to try to get a lift from Nouvelle Matmata (half the way between Matmata and Gabes).

The road between Nouvelle Matmata and Toujane is paved, while there is a small stretch between Toujane and Medenine that is not. Still the stretch without tarmac is easy to pass, we’ only talking about 3 km.

As of 2000/1 you should not try to make the direct route from Matmata to Toujane, as parts of the road is still not passable, due to difficult construction work.

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