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Bizerte Region

Northern Tunisia’s Bizerte region is a wonderful travel destination with a fascinating history and beautiful natural surroundings. There are various towns and cities in the area, each with its own distinctive charm and personality.

The region’s capital, Bizerte, is a thriving port city with a vibrant medina, historic fortifications, and a lovely waterfront. Tourists can stroll along the coastal promenade, meander through the ancient town, and try the local seafood.

Bizerte Marina

How things change, Bizerte once considered the sleepy town to the North the fifth largest, but least well connected of Tunisia’s cities, is about to get a definitive project “Bizerte Marina” to bring it up to speed. Due to break ground in late 2008 and to be completed by the end of 2011...

Bizerte Cap Blanc Resort

This project is suspended and maybe cancelled Located to the North of Bizerte the new Bizerte Cap Blanc Resort project is one of the largest in recent years with a projected investment of around 2 billion Tunisian Dinars. Located in which is currently virgin land, the project will be home...

Utique (Utica)

Tunisia has an unbelievable wealth of Roman remains, ancient city sites and fantastic mosaics. Utique is a compact site which can be found about 30km north of Tunis on route P8. It can easily be combined with a trip to the Lac de Bizerte which lies a little further north west on the same...


Bizerte is an enigma in Tunisia, as many will tell you it’s both the oldest city in Tunisia and also possibly the least Tunisian in terms of History both recent and ancient. Bizerte is a small city of under 200,000 people though this is enough to make it the 5th largest in Tunisia...