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  • Long time no speak huh?
    Iam goooooooooooood. I love my baby so much, cant believe pregnancy happend so quick haha.
    Anyways we're good. But iam SO tired. Night feed are knackering! Bubs only wakes once in the night usually about 4am, not bad but still makes me tired.
    I will email u some pics.
    How are u doing now? When was ur baby born? Mine was 2-3 weeks EARLY was due on jan 31 but came in jan 15th.
    hello i am new in this site of information i really maried with a women 60 old and i am 20 old i know its a big deffrent in old but i am asking who can help me about information for get the visa i just want to viste her place not live there ok thank you evrey one good day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Am mary ,
    i saw your profile today and became interested in you,i will like to know you more and i want you to send an email to my mail([email protected]) so that i can give you my picture for you to know whom i am,waiting
    I just got the PM and wrote you back. Hope you are all doing well. :)
    WE GOT THE VISA and he comes home 7 October xxxxx
    hey, hope u and bump and of course ur daughter are ok x Yeah we are good thanks, u on fb ?
    Hubby submits app 13 July. i gave them 8 months bank statements all cleard showing at balance for July of over £3,000 and savings of £1,500, he has over 2,000 dinars in his bank, accommodation fully covered, Land Registry, Council Tax, utility bills, letter from dad saying he can live with us, deed, lease, plans, home inspection report, he giving them his diploma, current and past employment letter, training letters, letter from my boss, letter of support from my dad, my statutory decolaration witnessed by solicitor, his decoaration, phone bills dating back from 2008 to now, emails, love letters, conversations, photos, we have left no stone uncovered and I spoke to operator at embassy and he said there was no way we would not get it this time as well as the old ***** at the appeal hearing from the UK Border Ageny, she said with the stuff we had shown her that if we reapply he will get it... hope they dont make us wait too long, plus he passed TOEIC test and got level A2-B1
    Mabrouk on your wonderful news and hope you are keeping well. Well just have to carry on, husband and me fighting hard to be allowed to start our marriage living together and he has very difficult english test tomorrow, its not the easier ones like KET it is the TOEIC which is more academic and recognised worldwide for employers to hire people from outside their countries. IF not he will take KET on 28 July xxxx
    Sadly we were refused at the appeal. The Home Office ***** said that they could only look at documents supplied at time of refusal, so whats the point of an appeal? She also said that the documents we showed in court were good and that if we re-apply he would definitely get his visa, so now my husband is taking the TOEIC tests in Tunis on Wednesdy and we have an appointment to hand in visa application on 13 July. We have provided everything and sworn statutory declarations, absolutely everything is covered, please god let us be together at last
    Congratulations to you both x x
    As soon as I get good news , I pray we will be told the same day I will be shouting from the bloody rooftops! Thank you I cat wait to get back to Jendouba here we will spend 2 nights in hotel in Tabarka for our wedding anniversary:) xxx
    Hi hun, Ive been sooo busy gettign everythign together because the hearing is in 6 day snow, 8 April in Walsall and I have enough evidence to sink a battleship ad even lette from Chris O Connor the British Ambassador in Tunis apolgising for the delays. I have a really good feelign and have enough evidence to show the home office how the Embassy screwed us over again and again. The ECO who looked at our application no longer works there, surprise surpir..hopefully i will be givign you good news soon and I cant wait to fly back to Tunis on 6 May to celebrate my firstwedding anniversary on 8 May cos havent seen my husband for a year:( xxx
    Hello, hope you are ok, blimey after all the **** we gone though we have an appeal hearign date for 8 April in Birmingham although I live in London but never mind, pray to god the judge sees sense now
    Hi hun,
    I sent a long detailed letter of complaint to the Ambassador Chris O Connor in Tunis about the ECO (LEE) who refused my husband and did not acknowledge the papers that would have not led to him being refused and he told me that he has forwarded the complaint to the UK Border Agency to see if they will investigate. When Mr O Connor referred to the ECO as 'former ECO' so obviously not working there now. I remember a number of girls on this forum who all said the ECO who refused their husbands was LEE and its funny how he refused so many people in such a small space of time, something stinks xxx
    I finally managed to talk to Head of Visa in Tunis and he told me that my husbands appeal is onyl just being sent this week to the UK Immigration Tribunal. My hubby handed it directly to Tunis on 13th September 2010 and it was looked at in October 2010 and been sitting on bloody desk for 3 months collecting dust. I gave out hell and have written complainst to the Ambassaor. The idiot who re-looked at teh appeal obviously dont wear glasses as if he did he woudl have seen the evidence to support the appeal whis was only a couple of things we which provided, so now I pray that the judge will overturn without having to go to a hearing xxx
    sorry not been on for while but been soooo stressed out as we STILL not heard a bloody word from those a.holes in Tunis. I hope that you are keeping ok. Sent so many emails, faxes, letters to Embassy since December but nothing, even wrote to Ambassador Chris O Connor but he hasnt even got the decency to answer either. I was supposed to fly out to see my husbad on 21 January for 2 weeks after being parted for 8 months but had to cancel due to what is happening in Tunisia, so had to re-book for May which will be our first wedding anniversary. I pray to god that we hear somethign before then.
    Hi Friend,

    I am looking to settle in Tunisia, i am on talk with SERVICOM, they have some opportunity.
    I would like to know about the Accomodation and daily routine expense for a Single guy ??
    how much dinar for a month , any rough idea...
    hey, hope ur good. No my five year old is not with my husband but has never made any difference. I really wanted a January baby and even planned my trip around it ;) Although March is pretty close thought it was never going to happen !!and my doctor said i wasnt pregnant when I WAS !! so while i thought i was expecting they said i wasnt :/ last time i see a trainey doctor ever !! You sound as though u have had a rough ride this year :( not sure i would be able to forget so wouldnt be able to forgive. If my husband did that. But as they say if it doesnt kill you it will make u stronger. You the same age as your husband ? Do you want any more kids ? my husband said he wants three !!!!!! but have said we will see lol xx take care
    Hey, I am in the UK at the moment just waiting for hubby's settlement visa :( Currently near six months pregnant with my second daughter. I doubt I will move to egypt any time soon maybe when i retire. However if this wheather conyinues maybe sooner lol xx
    hey, Good thanks u ? Ditto seem so busy but when i think what i have done it doesnt seem that much lol. Trying to find motivation to wash up not getting any lol. Are you currently in the u=Uk or tunisa ?
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