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  • i am traveling to the states
    valar morghulis valar dohaeris ...........
    Am mary ,
    i saw your profile today and became interested in you,i will like to know you more and i want you to send an email to my mail([email protected]) so that i can give you my picture for you to know whom i am,waiting
    Hello I am new here..and I would like to join this site..how do I get on here and post my profile and avatar picture.thanks alot
    im sorry i got back to u so late but it looks like the question u asked me bout the irsh consulate was answered. look if u need any help with visa i have a list of all the documents u need and where to apply extra. my husband and me are still trying to get a visa for him to come to ireland. i would say the consulate in tunisia well she speaks for the consulate will tell u to get an advocate solicotor in ireland to represent u. im doing this now. if u need anything just send me message
    i forgot to answer your 3rd question, there all Tunisian not an irish in sight.
    Hello how are you, The irish consulate is in a renault garage in tunis where they service all renault cars its only temporary so next time you go it should be back in its old address i guess they are upgrading the old consulate offices, my husband wont be applying for a visa in tunisia its not possible, Visa applications for Ireland from Algerian nationals and residents of Algeria can now only be made on line. Applicants must carefully follow instructions which are available on the separate page on this site. Only when you have all of the necessary documents should you provide the application to Egypt for assessment.
    The irish consulate moved it was a miracle we found it we were in a taxi for over 1 hour driving around and around its a joke, we finally found it, they should have updated there website or left the new address where the old one was so people could find it, im so sorry ye didnt get to find it :( and even when i did find it, i wanted to complain but i didnt wanna annoy the woman so i just sat there and waited.....:( it was in a renault garage we found it by asking everyone on the street we probably drove around it 100 times......i hope you are well ......and your fiance too :)
    hey im back do you need some help with marriage, the irish consulate moved....we found it eventually :) hope ye had a great holiday
    Dont lose faith, time passes very quickly and before you know it everything will have sorted itself out and you and your girlfriend will be together xo
    sorry but i havent bn on the site for days! hope you get sorted out the next time you go please keep me posted on your progress xo
    when we first arrived i thought the taxi driver had dropped us off at the wrong place because all we could see were car showrooms etc, i called abdallah who said we were in the right place and had to go in through the showroom and speak to a fella at the bottom of some stairs, he is evidently security lol i would advise you to telephone abdallah before you do anything as i dont think he is too pleased if you just turn up unannounced xo
    Honarary consul of ireland in tunisia
    honorary consul: moncef mzabi
    dalmas SARL
    1 rue laroussi haddad
    zi sidi rezig 2033
    telephone: 00216 98 307 364
    fax: 00216 71 893 182
    email: [email protected]
    hope this helps you, the fella i spoke to was called abdallah, he was the rudest person i think i have ever met and he would only speak to me he wouldnt speak to my husband at al!!!! good luck xo
    sorry cant remember the address i had to go to and thought i had the number for the fella i had to deal with but cant seem to find that either, will ask my husband when i get home from work, maybe he can help, will let you know tomorrow xo
    Hi, hope you're good!! I got all my info for the application on this site :) don't worry you'll find loads of help here.... I put in 6 months bank statements, 6 months wage slips, letters from work confirming my wage and bonus, holidays etc 6 months phone bills, calling cards, photos copy of passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate and all of the same again from my parents as well because I'm still living at home!! If you have your own place you will need mortgage statements etc I also wrote a covering letter, so did my mum and hubby did too!! He had to put in his B3 birth certificate, passport, identity card.... it tells you everything to put in on the application form so just put in twice as much as they are asking for!! Don't forget to take copies of everything too because they will keep those for their records.... good luck hun :) give me a shout if you want to know anything else x
    hey definatly would be cool to meet you nd your fiance but ye will be married then inshallah i can give you my fiances email if ye wanna chat and see which dates to meet coz were going to tunis for 3 days then sousse for 9 then tunis again for 2 nights before we fly back. say hi to your fiance for me :)
    hey i replied to a thread we had going, to let you know i have more info for you maybe its too late but i posted my application for coni today and i can tell you what you need too, :) i have all the address and names of municipal but its one in sousse if you need it i got the full address from webfile.com let me know how ye are going :) and if your girlfriend needs any help
    Sometimes this forum makes you paranoid thank you
    i,m sorry for asking you to do this and thank you so much
    I get to Monastir at 18.15pm Sunday 27th December so will not be able to accompany your GF..I hope you have a lovely time together though....
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