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    Am mary ,
    i saw your profile today and became interested in you,i will like to know you more and i want you to send an email to my mail([email protected]) so that i can give you my picture for you to know whom i am,waiting
    Hello hope your ok!!
    Hmm are you british?? Or your partner british?? When i got married i had to get a full extract of my birth certificate.. I went to the registery office where i was bron, had to fill in a form and pay £10 for a next day service, there are a few services.. Once you get issued the birth certificate it is only valid from the day of which it was issued. Its valid for 21 days.. So if you got it on the 1st july it is only valid till the 22nd... So leave this till right before you/partner is dur to fly xxxxx
    yes you will need an up to date birth cert i got one got it translated to french and then before i left home to travel to tunisia i got a second one just incase so it was more up to date :)
    hi Abdus, i am sorry i have no idea how u would do that but maybe take a letter from your immam, good luck :)
    many thanks for all the answer I heard that my birth certificate should't be no more than twenty to thirty day old when having civil marriage in Tunis? is that correct or is it when the original paper has been translate that is should't be more then 21 or 30 days old.
    Hello, i guess your fiance is from Tunisia originally, well im sure 2 weeks will be fine my husband is algerian so we had extra paper work as we were both non nationals of tunisia, and we had plenty of time to relax lol after the running around but once we had the date set we were able to relax then and enjoy so all you need is your cert of no impedment, birth certificate, im irish its different policies everywhere but your finace will be able to get alot of info for you there so dont worry wemon are good at this lol she will arrange everything :) all you need to do is take your paper to the brittish consulate and they will give you the papers to bring to the municipal to say all is in order :) the docs will examine your heart blood pressure nothing too serious, and then get blood tests to check blood group or any diseases its normal they actually do this in alot of countries :)
    Hi Abdus, go to your local imam ( local mosque) and ask for a certificate that you are a muslim :)
    I think it will be the same as for a woman... you will need to prove you never been married and if you have that you are divorced... birth certificate, Its good you are Muslim it will be easier for you....lol
    I dont know too much myself. there is not as much paperwork as we all think... we just all panic.
    Good luck...
    Hi welcome to the forum i'm not sure as i'm married to a tunisian man i think the best person to speak to is black mamba she is a tunisian woman hope that helps
    Hmmmm im not to sure.. I have never heard of anybody providing proof that they are muslim.. Im not muslim but i married my tunisian husband in november, also i have three english women who married to tunisian muslim men and they are not muslim.. Im not to sure sorry xxxx
    Hi ya!! I would get the certificate in the uk then take it ove wih you and get it translated because if you want to get the certfcate in tunisia you have to be there 21 days before you apply hun xxx
    welcome to the forum abdus hope that you enjoy it as much as we do..
    Welcome to the forum abdus
    Hope you'll have fun and find out all about Tunisia from the folks here !
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