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    study in tunis

    Hi everyone I am applying to come to Tunis to study German, I am originally from Mauritius and currently at a collage in India I intend to leave India from September this year to come directly to Tunis for my study. I have contact the Goethe institute for the German course, hopefully I will get...
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    english visa test

    HI everyone just wounder if someone can tell me what the new English visa test for the UK is concise of, I thinking of taking the English course in the British council in Tunis! is there anywhere else were I could take the course with recognition. Many Thanks Abdus
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    Hi everyone I am trying to find a cheapest way to send parcel Tunisia

    Hi everybody what will be the cheapest way to send parcel to Tunisia precisely Tunis, between 15 to 20 kg max either by air or sea. I will be very great full for any suggestion many thank.
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    buying a property in tunis

    Thanks very much Essem for the reply, I am trying to fine a cheaper way to send parcel to Tunisia Tunis. so far I could only find a company that will charge me about £100 for 15 to 2o kg fro a parcel. I will be very great full if you could gave some suggestion. again many thanks.. abdus
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    buying a property in tunis

    Hi everyone just wounder if anyone can recommend soame state agent that I can search online for a house or apartment to buy in Tunis and outskirt of Tunis, I have look on Tayara,tu so far so I will be great full for any additional site that I could search online.. Many thanks:peeking: