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    Am mary ,
    i saw your profile today and became interested in you,i will like to know you more and i want you to send an email to my mail([email protected]) so that i can give you my picture for you to know whom i am,waiting
    hi ada
    just thought i would drop by and say hi
    Hi Ada, Im not totally sure what you mean, do you mean you cant see new posts (the ones updated since your last visit?) ? if so maybe bcos no more have been updated?x
    Hey Ada, thats ok! And yeh we are happy :) Hes been here over 2yrs now and has ILR so no more visas for us!! YAY!! Hope everything goes well with ur wedding and you have a wonderful day! x x
    hi ada
    im well thanks.
    if you are absolutely sure about getting married then do your wedding in tunetown.
    its cheaper to get marreid out there and you can still have a party back in the uk.

    t seems a good idea to fly your friends and family out for a tune wedding but in reality it woud be so stressful and expensive.

    i have a friend who is currently doing this and she is stressed out of her head and not enjoying the wedding process.

    on the other hand you need to be prepared for either coming home alone after the marriage and going throught the visa process from a distance or moving to tunisia to be together. not easy, huh!

    this is just personal opinion but hope it helps.
    Oh and another good thing with him coming here first is he will have time to make contacts for work etc, whereas with the settlement they cant do anythign until they get here really. K secured himself a job so when his settlement was approved he started the next day, and also I had many problems with family and friends about our relationship, not having met him etc, so instead of the first time them meeting him being our wedding day, he got the chance to meet my whole family, all my friends etc long before we married which was good from both sides :) BAD side is, its very rare their families can make it here for the wedding but its a choice we had to make and K was fine after a few beers cause he had got so close with my family and friends by that time it was fine x
    Hiya hun, no problems about the questions just ask away as much as you like.
    ok main reason was we wanted to actually live together as a couple first, in reality, not just how we had been living when I went over there to stay. We knew I couldnt go to Tunisia to live so only option was him coming here so we wanted to make sure he liked England first, give him a chance to see how different his life would be etc without marrying and THEN findings out - just incase he hated it etc. Yes its more expensive but I think SO worth the exra money. Prob is he cant work when he comes here though until he switches to the settlement (you apply for this after your married here). We got the Fiance visa 3 weeks after aplying and the settlement 2 weeks after applying. The Fiance visa was £750.00, then you pay £500.00 for him to extend his stay to 2 years. let me know if anything else x
    i know
    we are getting married in july, himself is doing english test in june, then hopefully visa app august.
    im up to my eyes in paperwork!
    where is your guy and where are you?

    if you ever need a chat just call.
    hope all is well
    hi ada
    i am going down the spousal route as you have to pay the visa fee twice if you do fiance route.
    you have to have a wedding booked.
    Hello and welcome to the forum, you will find much of interest on here, can I ask you to familiarize yourself with our forum rules and abide by them.
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