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  • hi kaylee im leaving on the 2nd early morning.xxxx
    Hun are you leaving tunisia before the 2nd?? xxx
    Hi Annibee,

    Hope your ok. If you want to talk more just let me know. I really understand how you feel because my boyfriend is really not good with the texting and etc and I tell him until i am blue in the face then when i think he is making progress he goes back to his old way! your really not on your own and although it would be really easy to think of it as a non trusting aspect maybe they just dont think like we do. Men are pretty thoughtless well some not all. But we are in their hearts i just wish they showed us more!!! 15 months is a good long time he must love you hun xxxx
    Hello hun heop your ok!! I jusy read your thread hun, just wnated to drop by and say hello and hope your all ok xxx
    Hi babe you ok ?x
    ok thanks xxx
    I'm staying in Riadh Palms in Sousse. I'll pm you on facebook with my email xxx
    it has made me paranoid i must admit. h could be telling me the truth. would love to meet up with you where are you staying? im going 21st april to 2nd may stayiong Pek
    I think if my ex had ever asked me for any money I would have ended it even sooner. I became very suspicious/paranoid after joining this forum and that might have contributed to us breaking up. Now I'm completely over him I realise I must have been a pain to him, always asking questions etc... Only you know him and I think you have to trustyour instincts.
    If you're still going in April I'd love to meet up with you. I'll be there 25th April till 5th May and already arranged to see Aljaye.
    I really hope it all works out for you xxx
    hi sweetie thanks for message. no i dont know yet but my friends guy in tunisia has a sister thats a doctor and she says they are open today but it seems odd like us having an appointment on easter monday or christmas day. my instincts tell me he would not ask for money for drink so is using this as an excuse but i have a suspicious mind. i hope i am wrong.i dont mind sending him a few dinar now and again as i know hes not working now and he has a widowed mother and a younger sister and brother but i just want him to be honest.he used to ask me for absolut for his 'cousin,but i now know it was for himself so why do they have to go round it this way. why not just be straight. might never know answer to that one lol. thanks again xxx
    Hi hun hope you're okay? Did you find out the truth about the hospital appointment? What an awful situation, I really feel for you xxx
    that would be great dont want to feel alone my email is [email protected] im going back 21st april to 2nd may to look at properties to rent prior to buying (and to see my man of course) hope to hear from you soon xxx
    Hi As I too am moving to Tunisia would love to talk to you I have been so many times I too have a fella there but would not just be moving for him, I have started to get a bit nervous and would if possible like to either send you a message on facebook or by email as you seem to be in a similar position to myself.

    Kind regards Josephine
    I really lub ur avatar!!! Bunny doing tippy tappy things!!! LOL! xoxox
    thanks for advice roulla and thanks for my bunny hes lovely. take care and keep well. im 3 weeks and counting today. xxxx thanks again appreciate it
    Hope that this one is ok for you if not just send me a picture and i will be happy to change it...A small tip when you want to reply to someone just click on their name and then type in what you want then post, have a nice day..
    animal type things please. anything but the question mark. thanks so much. xx
    Hi Annibee hope that you are in good health! I am trying to find an avatar for you, do you like Disney and if so who do you like ?
    Hi Annibeee
    Thanks for your posts about the texting etc..I think our men must be related..its some comfort to know that someone else isnt bombarded with texts and calls all the time..although you are beating me cos you get one a day!
    Ahh, yeaa ill be like 3 hours away though lol. I can try :D Yeaa am on facebook. Search natasha bouslimi xx
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