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  • hi.i am married to scottish woman does she need to change her surname in passport before i apply settlemnt visa .thanks
    Hi Annie hope that you are well! Tunis Air have always been good with us when it comes to luggage, I am sure that they will give you an extra 5 kilos for the first time,once you get to know them you can bring everything but the kitchen sink and yes you do get food on the aeroplane x x Have a great time
    Hello-hope you ok.I think you must be mixing me with someone else. Good luck on the appartment.My hubby is here with me and we have just had the Indefinate Leave to Remain. I had a brain hemorage 2 years ago and another op last July.I went to Tunisia in May and i will probably go to visit family oct or nov. Problems back in Tunisia now.Big trouble in Tunis and Sidi Bousi. Hope all will be ok in sept/oct when the elections are held.xx
    Hi Annie its been a long time since Ive sent you a message
    hope you are well, I was sopposed to have my apt ready in June but June is gone and they tell
    me its delayed for who knows,Are you going in September ? or am I confusing you with someone
    else, sorry havent been in touch been out of the country and very busy but back now but still very
    busy, anyway if you get time write back and let me know how you are. best wishes.Sheila.
    Thanks CrazyPink-it does feel good-no need to worry about visas
    MABROUK!!! Im so happy for you Annie. You deserve it so much x x x x
    Good luck to you both!! Please let me know when you get your YES!! x x x
    Thanks for
    No Anne there was no interview. They just looked at our letters. They have a sheet with months of the year on it and write down what evidence you have for each month over the 2yrs. They sed it was a straight forward case as everything was in joint names from the start. Was sooooo easy.
    Yeh its easy to find. But we got the train and then 3-4 mins in a taxi. x x x
    Hey Anne, they ask you at the 1st window if you ave all your supporting docs, then give you a number and send you upstairs to pay. Then you get another number and wait!! Then they call your number and go through all your papers (photocopy them all its faster) The more you have in joint names the easier it is. They sed yes there and then and we waited downstairs while they put it in his passport. Was really easy and they were nice. Let me know how you get on sweets - GOOD LUCK!! x x x
    Hi Annie hope that you are feeling better and also hope that you have a good holiday, stay safe Annie with your husband x x
    Hi annie hows things?, I've not been on here in ages so thought i would come and have a catch up with people, and look at some advice on the ILR as mehdi has to put in for it soon. Hope your keeping well and speak soon xxx
    Hia hun, i would advise the postal application as its cheaper. I would not worry as long as you present your case well and in an organised folder. Show that he has looked for work and give proof like emails,job interview letters etc. Ours only took 3 weeks we posted it on the 24th feb and his visa expired on the 26th feb so i got proof of postage just in case they did not get it in time. His ILR was issued on the 15th march. I sent it first class recorded. They literally took the fee from my account a day later. lol they dont mess around. Just highlight point such as he has funds to keep him going without claiming public funds and he is looking for work.

    I included his college papers, food hygiene cert uk driving licence uno stuff to show them that he has done alot while hes been here.

    Email on [email protected] if u need any help xx
    I hope you enjoy!!! your day off, and lots of shopping. I hope all is well with you. Take care.
    Hi-yes i'm ok thanks.I have 3 days off this week and i am looking forward to go shopping etc.Hope all is well with
    how are you doing. hope you and your family are well. Just saying hello. Take care.
    Annie, how are you doing. Thank you for u adding me to ur list. I hope all is well with you. I have a question for you. I will send a message to u later. hope all is well.
    Good Morning!!!! how are you doing, how is ur health and work. Hope you taking it easy. which is hard for us women to do. how the family doing. Just saying hello. Take care.
    hello annie how are you and sorry to bother. I'm confuse I been reading forum. I read this tell me if is need plz and and you!!! "Tunisian foreign ministry, you are supposed to have your marriage certificate stamped & registered there within 6 months of getting married in Tunisia."
    Thanks. Eid Mabrouk to you and your family too and i'm sure you will be together soon.xx
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