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  • God willing!!!! Two hearts will be as one. If all goes well my husband and i will built our life together. Soon!!!!! I thanks lots of the ladies for all the help. As i wish all the ladies to have their husband with them also. Soon i will see if he joins me. Keeping my fingers cross. Thank you all.
    Anniebx, sorry not to respond before now. I have really stopped coming on both of these sites because I generally end up frustrated. I just opened today for the first time in a long time. We are STILL waiting for the documents to arrive. He did send them express mail. They have not come in 3 weeks. We just have to wait a bit more. If they don't arrive, we will try to send them again. I hope everything is going well for you! Thanks for stopping by.
    hey, We are moving slowly. I have most of the documents compiled but still have to collect a few more. Then he has to send to me so I can send the packet off to Houston. I'm just following my little step by step guide. I have heard that things are going a little more smoothly in the embassy. Best of luck to you!
    Thanks so much!!! So the CONI really isn't a CONI but just something stating you were free to marry? Tunisianbelle said there was no wait time to get married. I'm assuming you got married in Tunisia then :) What all did you need to get translated and where do you get these translated at? Sorry for all the questions LOL! I hope you are doing well xxx
    Good morning Anniebx hope that you are wel! I will keep trying for you anyway x x
    Oh that is fantastic i am so pleased for you , hope that everything goes well for you x x

    Tried to add another avatar for you but at the moment it is not letting me and i am not to sure as to why, i will ask the webmaster and let you know as soon as i get a reply, take care x x
    Hi Anniebx hope that you and your family are all well! We are all fine thank you for asking! Been a bit busy as it is the bank holiday..Have a nice evening x
    Hello ladies how are you doing, can someone change my avatar. it can be simple a fairly or tinklebell. I good for me. Thanks.
    i dont know about the homes there but im sure ull find something. what hotel did u stay in? how long for and how much was it x
    awww weld done granny! ahaha..

    i know jendouba is soo hot in the summer its the hottest place in the north of tunisia i beleive in the summer lol.

    and im going back in may on the 8th for 2 weeks and ill be getting married in jendouba on the 21st october :)
    im doing good thankyou how are you?

    all is well thankyou when will you return to tunisia?

    Thx, my pleasure
    We are all fine thank you , hope that you and your family are also in good health! I have not forgotten but there still seems to be a problem on adding avators i will let Kris know again but i do know that he has been busy..As soon as it is ok i will change it for you and a few others as well..Have a nice day x
    How can I help?
    Hi Anniebx hope that you and your family are all in good health! We are all well thank you .. Look through here and tell me which one you like and i will place it on there for you as soon as i am on and see your reply x Iconator.com >> Avatars >> Other >> precious moments
    I am ok. How are you doing and how is your husband and his family?
    Hi Anniebx hope that you are in good health! What is it that you would like as an avatar ? If you let me know what kind you would like i would be more than happy to change it for you.. x
    Hello Ladies!!!! I hope that you all have a wonderful NEW YEAR!!!!!!! Wish you all lots of love and happiness!!!!

    Can One of you nice!!! ladies change my avatar. Thanks so much.
    Hiya how are you doing ? We are all fine thank you just a bit cold as it has been snowing here and i am froze..xx
    hi hun yeh its good. at least im not in the uk in snow lol.. im still here too lol xx
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