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  • Hello Apna. i read that you got married in Nabeul was the place you got married not far from the beach ? if so this is where me and my fiancee will get married in spetember. could you please explain the order of ceremony ? do i have to say anything in arabic ? and does it go on for long..sorry for all the questions but is the town hall big inside,ive been into the registars office but not the room we will get married in.
    hi apna, so so sorry i never replied earlier, with everything going on in tunisia and my own personal situation i have not been online here in so long. hope your still nabeul as i would like to have some english speaking friends here myself. i added you in msn hope we can speak soon.
    Hi Apna, hope your dad is okay. What the hell happened with the visa? That's disgraceful, you have the absolute right to it? Hope you're okay, you must be going mad, I know how hard it was when I was going through it. Do you still have my email address? I would love to know the full story, something has to be done about this. Please get in touch, Sarah, x.
    Hey Apna, are you still in Tunisia? Did you sort out your visa situation? Hope you're okay.
    Sorry I haven't got back to you . Didn't stay at hotel for last 3 days in Tunisia and haven't been on the net since I got home. Checked all inclusive info board and it looks as tho only food and drink included couldn't see anything else mentioned. Last weekend hotel was very busy with tunes staying there and the main restaurant was opened up. Broadway disco was also opened on th saturday night
    Will check there board in reception and see what it says, We are half board so only do the food. Went to the indoor pool 1 day but it was freezing
    Yeah well I checked before I left with lowcostholidays to make sure the hotel was still opened and they said yes but obviously anyone booked for there is being transfered to El Mouradi. Its no big problem for me but they should let you know
    Hi I'm in the El Mouradi had originally booked for the El Menzah but it is closed and they transfered booking to here. Some of the hotels are closed because there are no guests Don't get me wrong it is not jumping but I think last weekend when we arrived hubby and I seemed as if we were the only people here. Restaurant is "busier" . Seems to be more people here this weekend even had dancing in the bar last night even although there were only about 12 people here
    Hope you are doing ok over there.... I think now the new government has been announced it will go a long way to calming things down more. xxxx
    Looking out for you x x

    I just wanted to say i hope you are bearing up. I can only imagine what you are going through, living through this... my thoughts are with you xx
    Apna this is from Nabeul... (POSSIBLE ARMED THUGS)
    opel astra 1642 tn 82
    clio classique 3113 tn 193
    citroene xara 52 cd 05
    peugot 206 514 tu 114
    I will let you know i will not forget you x x promise x x
    When things calm down a little i will let you know when and where they meet up they are really lovely people x x
    Yes i do a cousin of my husband used to work there many moons ago, our house is near the basketball do you know where it is ? x
    Where abouts in Nabeul are you , name a shop or something..x
    Hi Apna are you ok ? I have seen Nabeul and i feel so so sad it really is upsetting..

    I have been keeping tabs on events through the internet, i haven't spoken to M yet today, but i will later - a friend of his was hurt yesterday in hammamet :(

    Thank you for asking, hope you are well x
    Thank you :)
    hi hun, got your email and replied!!! obviously you didn't get it LOL

    WHEN fred gets in and i get my fone I will text you another email addy OK?

    have made HEAPS of progress LOL ask away hun, it says on the form WHAT SECTIONS NOT to complete ~ anything about maintenance and accommodation etc.

    Still of the opinion that you SHOULD NOT give the French what they are asking for ~

    cos they still don't have to give you what you want ~ you are not in the situation that S was when they did it!!!!!!
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