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    married to a Tunisian younger man

    I met my husband in 2015 and I was over 3 times we were married in November 2017 he is a great man and age is not a factor ..he has his interview Feb 2018
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    Marrying a Younger Tunisian Man

    I am from Canada married to a younger Tunisian man and big age difference since nov 2017 we have known each other 4 years.i have been over to visit and get married ..he is a great guy .very respect full ,loves me so much ..he asked me to move there to live because of his wonderful loving family...
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    Can anyone explain why Tunisian's need a visa to leave ..and the cost and process..please

    Hi Canada and the U.S. requires a visa for Tunisians to visit
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    Older women married to younger Tunisian men

    Thank you darling for saying you also don't worry about age ..age to my husband and I is just a number it is what comes from the heart and soul ..bless you both
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    married to a Tunisian younger man

    I met my husband almost 4 years go and we were married in November 2017, I must say he is a wonderful man he is younger but who cares what others think about age difference, life is to short to live for others thoughts...I live in Canada , we have sent all paperwork to immigrations in April and...
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    marrying in tunisia

    hi I got married to a Tunisian man last November I had to bring passport , birth cert , letter of impediment ,and had to go to Canadian embassy to have verification that i am free to marry in Tunisia, we have been married 8 mths now and only spent 2 weeks together as married couple, we...