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  • hi this is dolores i really need your help and advice i have just got note that my husband who lives in tunisia was refused a visa now what do i do i live in melbourne my email is [email protected] please contact me i really need help thank you
    hi thanks, i was thinking exactly the same thing.she is not really a friend of mine that gave me the info on msn, she is also on this site and thats how i met her.......to be honest she is dangerous woman with a sharp tongue...im avoiding how now....also im deleting all msg that come to me on the site....take care........xx
    hi aussielegal, I dont want to put my email address in a post..how do i get it to you...haha am so ignorant?
    Pleas dont stress i know it will be hard for you i hope it all turns out the best for you both
    Hi how are you
    Why hun?? what's he done now? He's coming here on Saturday
    too expensive i will go on the 5th april for 4-6 weeks then come home work my butt off to get enough for the perm and we will apply
    yes apparantly not enough incentive to go back home even with his business and me sending a letter saying i was going back home with him
    Aahh its so not fair!! Are you ging to appeal?? Do you know why they did not grant the visa?? xx
    Aahh bless ya babe!! Hmm ya know me i sleep a odd hours... Was it the settlement visa or the holiday one?? Aahh hun i really feel for you babe xxx
    Hello lovely u ok?? Just read that the visa was rejected im so sorry hun!! xxx
    Ha ha ha i had go back and read what i wrote lol, well lol... I shall cotinued to stay crossed till the 30th april, and just hope you will recieve the good news by then xxxxx
    Aahh i know hun its so hard to be away from the one you love! I really hope you do get the visa, i will everything crossed for you!!! xxxxx
    Hello lovely!! Its not pathetic, you just miss him!! I think i call salim twice and we chat for a while but then im always calling him for a minute or so lol, i think im starting to drive him mad, he is begging me to go back sooner, starting to think yes he wants to see but then my ton of phone calls would stop too lol xx Hope your ok hun xxxx
    Oooh thats good hun, all moving forward then!! Ahh il have my fingers crossed babe!! Yeah im good jus spoke to hubby so im happy!! xxx
    Hope that your news years will be better, happy new year full of joy, happiness and plenty of laughter x
    Merry xmas and a happy and prosperous new year for 2010 to you and your family, have a great day..x
    Hiya hope that you and your family are all in good health! I love the photo of your kids the one where they are all dressed up, and yes your daughter looks lovely in her dress...
    Oh I would love to catch up!!! To hear another Oz voice would be heaven here. I live in Bizerte (Rawabi) not that far away. I'll let you have my number (in another message - too lazy to go to the other room to find out what it is).

    See you soon
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