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    Need to message a moderator

    home page is the main thing on the site calling the posts from forum/blogs is good idea, adding live feeds also will be good like weather/currency/news/flight/trains arrivals/dep. ect.... and since the site is english i think a bit twick with the available online translation engines this can...
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    Buying property

    the prices in tunisia will remain as is , banks in tunisia very very very carefull there will screen the client inside out before handing a penny, yes renting return is cheap compared to here in u.k but deduct taxes and cost of living in the u.k i will guess it the same return. there must be a...
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    Tunisian military service ~ important that you read this!!

    1 - yes possible to be taken by mistake if you hold no id at the time no matter what age but once you proof you are over the age limit you will be released the same when you already been in service but no proof at the time . 2- yes if you have money basicaly you dont go to army but you must...
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    Sending/ Transferring Money to Tunisia! xx

    you can buy pay as you go maestro card online using money booker or go for paypal top up visa card this way you can withdraw in tunisia from these toup cards.
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    Tunisian Romances

    asking these kind of questions here is like a tunisian asking the european embassies for tourist visa :) the answears you will get may sound like the histories in the expensive books but at least you can read them free here :)
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    Dates for holidaying in Tunisia!!!!

    i booked 25th nov till 9 dec is actualy laid kibir festival i think the 27, 28 or 29 nov.
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    Sending/ Transferring Money to Tunisia! xx

    if all the online exchange rates make no sence to you hopefuly mine will make that little sence basicaly i little perl gadget that i made it to go to few places in tunisia and get you the correct exchange automatcly :) System For Hotels- Currency Exchange Rates i can do quick flight...
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    thank you, hope you enjoying the sun and beach.

    thank you, hope you enjoying the sun and beach.
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    i will thought we should pay them in sterling since the prices are set in sterling and is a embassy and not travelex shop for making profit on exchange rate :confused:
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    Hotels for unmarried Tunisian couples

    1- just book 2 rooms if ever faced with this prob. 2- as iam from tunis i never faced this prob, but exist the most in sousse , hammamet and djerba 3- go self catering 4- rent private acc.
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    Sending/ Transferring Money to Tunisia! xx

    to send money to uk from tunisia you need to open convertible bank account in tunisia (you only need a passport you dont need to be resident) but if you stuck with large ammount due to business done in tunisia and have no receipts realy is the illegal way out. wich iam sure many here know it.
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    Does anyone know how to deal with Love Rats/Players/Losers/Bezness boys

    simple yes he can register the child in tunisia also he can add the child to his passport in any case he can ask for birth certificat from the british embassy in tunisia or even online as a father here a quick list of what can be done by the bith certificat : 1 - tunisian passport by default...
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    thank u :)

    thank u :)
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    Cheap calls to Tunisian mobiles????

    here a quick help to the 4p phone card dial the 0207 number not the 0800 as it have a surcharge on 0800 and not too sure i think there is surcharge in the 0845 but i got good talk time for tenner using 0207 but i must say i use it all in one go, maybe there is another surcharge for hanging and...
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    Cheap calls to Tunisian mobiles????

    yes the rates are fixed, but the bank use the 15 to 10 % wich is called safe drop just incase the rates drop in the same day, that is why you get more when you transfer via bank in england to bank in tunisia as the rates in this case done by tn central bank but cash money banks play safe wich...