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    hotels/apartments with tunisians

    Hi, I know hotel Kaiser lets you stay there with your tunisian fella. Not beach front, but its cheap! Claire xx
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    legal questions, custody rights

    Hi there. You WILL need a letter from your husband STAMPED by the Beladeya (sorry unsure of spelling). I had a letter that wasnt stamped and they would not let me through cos it wasnt stamped! I ended up crying and saying that I didnt know that it needed a stamp (I had never had a stamped...
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    Dates for holidaying in Tunisia!!!!

    I'm going on sunday too with my sister and our kids, stayin at tour khalef. We are so excited! yippeeeee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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    Letter from Father - now needing a stamp!!!

    I go again with my children to Tunisia and my hubby will be staying in the UK. I will DEFINITELY be making sure I have the STAMPED LETTER this time. There is no way on earth, do I want to go through what i went through before. Thanks for your well wishes regarding Katie. The difference...
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    the magic powder

    I have just found out that it gets rid of the smell of sick from carpets too! (Just had a poorly little boy and not matter how hard i shampooed the carpet, i just couldnt get rid of the smell. Then somone recommended Bicarbonate - voila - gone). Remember that all you new mums.... Claire xx
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    These Hotels.

    My sister stayed in Tour Khalef for 2 weeks last July/August and LOVED it. The food was excellent with lots of choice even with a picky 9yr old. All staff were friendly. She cannot wait to go again this year. Marhaba Beach is the better of the 3 Marhaba hotels, though the others are very...
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    Hotels in Sousse and PEK

    I stayed there too! Hi I have just returned from a week in Tunisia (11-18 March) where I too stayed at Hotel Kaiser with my two little boys. It was fab. The room was great, had a TV that worked, it was cleaned daily and towels changed daily. All staff were friendly and helpful. The...
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    Letter from Father - now needing a stamp!!!

    Going back to the letters.... I am just amazed that I have got this far with a letter WITHOUT a stamp!!!!
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    Letter from Father - now needing a stamp!!!

    Hi everyone Thank you for your kind messages for Katie. Katie is now 11, nearly 12, and was diagnosed with curvature of her spine about a year old. She had treatment in a pot brace as a toddler but her scoliosis continued to progress. Following her surgery on 19 January she has done...
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    Letter from Father - now needing a stamp!!!

    Yeah, it worked.... Sorry moderators..... Is this ok? Please let me know if not!!! Much regards, Claire xx
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    Letter from Father - now needing a stamp!!!

    Hi everyone. Still struggling to load on the Gallery! Thought I would try to load photos this way!!!! I hope it works. The pictures explain all....... THE DAY OF SURGERY XRAYS: AFTER & BEFORE 6 WEEKS POST OP Sorry if this doesnt work - just thought i would try!!!!
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    Letter from Father - now needing a stamp!!!

    Hi everyone, I have left via Tunis & Monastir and have never been asked for a stamped letter before????? TrulyMadlyDeeply, Thank you. My daughter is real good thanks. She is due to start school on Monday. She has a 45 minute minibus ride to get there and then back again. Her school has...
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    Letter from Father - now needing a stamp!!!

    Thank you for explaining the Beledya. I know I was lucky! Both my children were born in the UK. Even when they had only British passports, I was always asked for my letter of permission from their father. If they have an arabic father, dont take the chance of leaving without this letter...
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    Letter from Father - now needing a stamp!!!

    Flippin 'eck. I have NEVER needed it stamped before nor any of my friends. How can we have all missed this. Strange eh!!!! Thanks for the spelling, but could you explain the meaning too. Does it mean Solicitor? Couldnt quite grasp who he meant? Thanks, Claire xx
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    Letter from Father - now needing a stamp!!!

    Hi bobby g You must have the fathers permission to take the children out of Tunisia whether the mother is British or Tunisian. I knew that. And I have had letters before, but dont know when the need for this "stamp" came into force??? Nor could I understand whey THEY couldnt phone my...