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  • hey hon
    whats new?
    drop me a wee text or call soon.
    take care
    sooooo excited !!!!!!
    ordered my wedding dress today - the 4th one i tried on.
    was in and out in under and hour.
    got a gorgeous tiara too.
    i love it!!!
    Yeah having agood time so good to see hubby again but at the back of your mind you know you have to leave to go home. Things always get a bit tense then because the airport is so traumatic.Usually go to the airport in time just to check in and board flight .Tears normally start after that!!!!!
    Hope you have a great time. Will catch up when you get home but meantime if there are any new developments here I will let you know xxx
    Roads were absolutely fine Quite quiet when I arrived. Going to Tunis next monday so will see what it is like then
    Hi Beth well I've been here a week now and there has been no trouble that I have seen. Tunis airport was OK. No problems. The flight that I was on from Gatwick was very busy because there was a political figure on board returning to Tunisia for the first time in 25 years and all his entourage with him so at Tunis there was a big turnout for him and the media were also there. The curfew has now apparently been extended till 12mn. Yasmine Hammamet is a bit like a ghost town compared to normal although each day it seems a bit busier more people around and also in the hotel as well
    Thats good then, 2 holidays.... lucky u... i know its horrible saying bye, i hate that bit... im not to bad cos the next time he will be here hopefully and wont have to say bye again... im a recruitment adviser for NHS, i am also doing my mental health nurse training... busy girl lol... what do u do for a living xxxxx
    Hi beth, im fine thanks... yeh me to so happy cos i was a bit worried about going in that situation cos we haver alot to do when im there, but obviously the security is much better.. .thank god... im coming back on the 23rd february.. dont even want to think about that loll.... it wil be so hard... when u back xxxxx
    Hi Beth hope that you are in good health! I really am not sure about where you should or should not stay but lets look at it this way , if you was in a hotel then i would like to think that you are safe but saying that if you are with your partner and his family in the house then you should also be safe there because you have his family all around you in a hotel you will be by yourself apart from whoever is staying there and the staff and i don't know what the staff are like..
    I think that i would stay at my partners to be honest with you but that is my opinion the rest is upto you.. Try not to worry too much as you seem to be anxious and i think that is expected and i would be the same, take care x x
    I had to continue ..
    1..Register with the lOCATE , here it is LOCATE: register with us

    2..Maybe you could let someone know on here T.COM when you are going and when you are returning so that we can keep an eye out for you.. with a contact number if you wish..

    3. Make sure that you let your family know the exact address that you will be visiting, Hotel name and contact number and even passport number, i know that it sounds abit drastic but in case of an emergency every little bit of information is most imperative..

    4. I know that you may feel that this is not necessary but if you was my daughter i would also like to know the name of the person that you are visiting including a photo of him, sorry but i am abit protective .
    Look after yourself and let me know if you need anything, always here to try and help x x
    Hi Beth hope that you are in good health! Thank you for writing to me and asking me for my opinion it really means alot to me..
    Beth in my own truthful opinion the only thing that i can say is that i am not in your position as my husband is not in Tunisia so therefore i do not know really how you are feeling, but i will tell you this, however much i have and always will love Tunisia and knowing everything that has happened is very scary, for me the most scary thing is the fact that there is thousands of escaped prisoners on the rampage and for this reason i will never feel safe again.. I hope that things change but i am more than sure that this will not be overnight in fact it may take a couple of years..
    If you do go just make sure that you at least do some of these to protect yourself..
    yes, tunis to gatwick then on to glasgow.
    my god - cant wait!!
    hi hon
    got my leave approved today.
    going BA 23rd feb til 2nd march but will be with family in Zeramdine.

    how are you?
    ok cool have agd time at work...imet kairi in aug09,went bak mai2010 amd married 1 nov,got engaed in aug sonot long realy after we married,just waqnt him here now and start married life propa u understand,take care bethspeak soon xxx
    ive just posred a messafe for ya on my pfofilelike a idiot soz,you will have to read it there lmao xx.
    saw them yeah,but i dont know if i saw ya now at the airoport lol..xx
    ive accepted,this new forum driving me mad lol...i stay in sousse or jendouba..your really lucky hun that you can go for so long,im going march 13 i think not booked yet,but thats my plan and take all my documents over to apply for visa,xxlet me no if ive added u properly xx.
    beth,,wasyou in departure on 16 jan at 1 oclock if you were then u def saw me,im the one who wasloudmcrying with a black girl with me,if youlook at my pic you will no,my hubby is really tall,im sure i saw you,do you have any pics on here?and you going back in 2 weeks for so long,im coming lol,not really,can you just take time of work then?xxx
    aawww beth bless ya,,are you sure you didnt see me at the airport,im sure i spoke to ya:).i came home same day as i was supposed to asi missed both the flights before lol..so i got back on 16 jan late at night in to gatwick with monacrh..6 weeks and you had to come home early omg,im sure they will do something give em a call.i booked flight and hotel separate, did you just have a flight and no accomadation?if somaybe thats why,but they should still refund you or give you something,if i was youid call em huni ok.xx
    hi beth hun.i booked a flight n hotel separate but both wid tc.i only got it today sou may get one next week,how earlydid you come home?xx
    Hi Beth. all getting a bit too much to be honest. A long way to Gatwick and getting a lot of pressure from friends and family! Glad you got new flight! Good luck! xx
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