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  • Would a husband need a wifes birth cert for a social card and medical card for him and her in Tunisia?? Any ideas?? Thanx hun x x
    I look pretty much the same as always I think :)

    the reason I say I need a haircut is because I can't do much with it apart from put it in a side parting and the sides and back are too long, if I had it cut shorter I could just put it up in a quiff, this would have been a PM but your box is full again already :p
    I can't help it, I was a cute kid :)
    You could always just setup a new account and try to get in touch with your friends. You could call yourself Black Mama :p
    Can't you get your password e-mailed to you or something. I haven't been to the Museboard in months, I'm not sure I want to, so many fake people there.
    Your inbox is full :p
    Stalker :p
    LOL I'm sure that you don't also tell all the things to your family, you don't want them to worry about you. Or is that projection?! LOL Because I'm not telling much to my family and friends! LOL

    Yes if you come, I will show you pictures and there is a link at my facebook to a little album at internet aswell.

    Take care!
    This is part 2, so start with the message below ;-)

    If you come here, how are you coming by car, airplaine, train / bus? Because the road is really not safe! If you come by car, drive at daytime, don't stop also not for policemen after Sfax, because they are not real police! Don't stop around Gabes! So get petrol at tunis and than in Sfax where it's busy enad after Sfax, don't stop for anything!!!
    Get the ferry to Djerba, don't drive also via Medenine, it's getting more tensed there aswell.

    Let me know which day you're traveling and how, than I give you all the info I have if there are any updates!

    Ohhh and maybe it's here exploding no baguette and they want to close all the shops tomorrow, one off our friends told them no I'm not closing and than he did get threatened.....
    Ohhh yes I'm sorry!!! I would loved it when you were there!! After more than 2 years illegaly living together....LOL..., we decided to get married, it's also easier for my visa here in Tunisia! LOL It's with us the other way, I want his papers! LOL
    We did get married at 30th April that's in our country Queens day, in Holland you can't marry at that day, so i thought that was funny. We should have had the party at that little hotel here The Residence, but 2 days before they told us they cancel it because off the problems here with safety, so we did organised it than in 2 days here at home for about 350 people....Why do people need one year to organise their wedding? LOL
    Yes but I think you are not being in my friends list aswell. When I get married, they used all my computer and after that I lost friends and emails! LOL

    That would be great, I love that!
    Hey how are you?? You're gone at my facebook I think I miss you! Can you please add me again??? LOL
    Are you still coming to Zarzis?
    Big hugssss

    long time no speak, how are you?

    im coming back to tunisia soon for a week, me and wajdi have spoken and we are going to give it another go but we are going to take it slow, im sooo happy hun :)
    I'm allways too late with birthdays! LOL

    OK I will delete the link now to FB ;-)
    Ohhh was it your birthday yesterday?
    Happy birthday and Happy Liberty! ;-)
    Happy Birthday, to you Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday Black Mamba....Happy Birthday to you. :))) XX
    I'm back!

    Taking it one step at a time ;)
    thank you :O)

    how are you x x x x
    Ah, okay. Now I compris !!
    Boo! I miss you, baby boo.
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