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  • Lol you will get the hang of it soon! x
    thanks bubbles, had such a nice wedding it went so fast had the best time in my life,xxx
    Thanks for the message bubbles. X Grandson doing really well, he'll soon be kicking a football about. x
    hey sweetie.
    thank you for your kind words.
    i am broken and i just cant believe that this is happening.
    big hugs to you as well babe.xxx
    If someone cannot love and respect you then they are not the man you want to spend the rest of your life with. We are confident and independent and if we had stayed in our relationships then we will have lost those 2 strengths. Don’t feel silly for finding it hard to let go. Anyone who opens their heart to someone else needs time to close the door after the guy has been booted out. Give yourself time and use this forum to vent. Remember you have friends here who understand what you are going through. Its gonna be a tough few weeks but worth the pain to get through the other side. Remember, taking a plunge and falling in love with someone, especially one who lives so far away, takes a strong and courageous woman......not many people would take that chance, and that’s why life can be so interesting. Keep taking those chances and it'll all pay off one day.......with the perfect man for us......just not the losers who missed the best thing they could have ever dreamed for! xxx
    Hiya! I know.....it took me about a month to finally stop the contact. It was really difficult because I couldnt turn off my feelings for him, however he made me feel so upset eveytime we spoke so eventually I mustered the courage to remove him from msn, Fb etc etc. I will not deny the fact that I still miss him, but its the old Louay/Salah that I miss, the one I fell in love with and not the cheating, lying nasty guy who broke my heart. Be strong my darling, we'll both get through this and a good cry does wonders!! xxx
    Hey there sweetie! I heard about what happened and I am just so so sorry. Keep yourself busy and try and take your mind off him. I know the next few weeks will be tough (trust me I know). I think the initial shock of what happened last month has finally sunk in and I'm feeling rather low at the mo. I knew my strong facard wouldnt last hahahaha!! However i am going on some dates and the guys are really sweet but havent met Mr Right yet. The search continues however! Are you on FB? If you are friends with Sian on FB I'm Zoe with surname beginning with H!! It'd be good to stay in touch, and if you need a friend to call on I'm here for you! xxx
    I know I am so bad, once I am home I dont have energy for anything x
    Not started packing yet, started sorting my clothes out and then gave up lol. u ok ?x
    Hi there, grandson out of hospital at last and is on the mend. Will be a long job, he needs physio to get him walking again, but he'll get there. Thanks for your concern Bubbles.xxxx
    Chin up bubbles. So glad you kicked that nob to the curb. Take care x
    hun dont be silly he wouldnt have got anymore cos z knew it was down to me he just knew told me yesterday! so he woulnt have found anything, infact thank you for help definately not failed me youv been there when i needed to rant :) should be home about 6pm wil tx wen i'm online. luv ya bak sweets :) xx
    oh have read them alright. i am livid i swear. and HE has just got the lot aswell, he should have dug for more info. am fuming and feel like i failed u =(
    what time you home? text me and let me know when to come online xxxxx luv ya, big hugs xxx
    I. am. livid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    come online on facebook hun xx
    Im so sorry about this pratt behaving like this..you dont deserve it. I know its hard but hes a long way away its not as if you have to face him..its the lying that hurts..but just keep telling yourself what a liar he has been.
    Get on TLR and name and shame him..and her if it makes you feel better, put it on your Facebook..then cut him out of your life for good.
    I really could rip him apart right now..these men make me so mad!! xxxx
    hi bubbles. i wish i could give you a hug right now or drown our sorrows together! would be some hangover lol! i know how youre feeling. u described me exactly the past 2 weeks. nothing anyone can say will make it better right now. its been the worst heartbreak ive ever been through. ive never met a man who has lied to me so much and so convincingly. it really rips your heart out so i understand how u cant stop thinking about him non stop. its like mental torture but itll get better. i know it does. then youl start feeling angry. please if you want to talk to me anytime you can add me on msn as [email protected] or facebook under lyndal anton. u can email me on that address too anytime. take care lyndalxxxxxx
    hi hun,

    im ok and you? :) x
    carried on from previous one lol

    i call his number everyday since he has been in army as i know they have their phones taken from them and its off always, even tried from different phones and its still off, also a friend of mine a while ago when he first went in called his family asking for him and they also said he was in the army, he is 25 (just).
    I know how i feel and how i want to feel but im confused, i do trust him deep down but alot of things are happening at the mo and paranoya is setting in giid style x
    i know his friends, when out there we are always with them but they speak very basic english, im in contact with his cousin alot while he is in the army & have touched on it a little bit to him but when i said some things had happened he was like WHAT so he could have been suprised or could have been pretending to be shocked but obviously then he said there was no one else, he went into the army last march for 1yr as he couldnt pay to get out so is doing the full length, when he isnt in army we talk & text each other all the time, about 25+ a day lol, since he has been in teh army i have spoken to him a few times but not since Sept (end of) now, i have had a text from his cousin saying he is missing me and thinks of me which make sme feel happy but i dont know.
    thank you hun, i doo love him with all my heart :) x

    i know what you are saying, when i did ask this guy how he knew he just said that my guy had told him that he would never marry a fat girl but then he said he didnt know if i was fat or not just that he wanted to help and didnt want my guy using me or taking my money, this guy also said if i didnt believe him then i should come to tunisia and see for myself but that is not possible at the moment and if this guy isnt for real (so to speak) i could be walking into anything.
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