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  • when i met him he had split up with his girlfriend about 1.5 years before, they broke up cos she has cheated on him with someone else, he was gutted aabout it as they had been together 3 years but he says he is over her now and altho i worry about her contacting him again he says he would never take her back, she left him in a bad way emotionally and its taken him ages to get over her, i do believe him when he says he loves me and i love him to bits but this guy that contacted me via text he knew my name and he knew my fiancee's name too which some days makes me think, how would he know this, how did he get my no and things like that - hope it makes sense x
    i know you are right hun but its in my head constantly and thats what is annoying me but deep down under it all i do trust him and trust is a big issue with me and altho im hoping none of it is true i believe him when he said he is a one women man and hate people to cheat - why he split from his last fiancee - its just really hard.

    thanks for the offer about talking about it, i will defo do that if you are sure :)
    hi hun

    i know what you mean, my guy wa spicked up in march for his national service and since then (last march) i havent seen him and only spoke to him about 3 times, also i have had a text from some tunisian guy dont know who is is saying that he is using me and making his friends and family go along with it, and that he will never marry me cos my guy has told this guy that he will never marry a fat women, also this guy is saying that he isnt in army really and is also seeing a french and german girl, its hard cos i dont know what to think and havent spoke to him so i cant talk to him about it.
    hi hun

    no i dont think i have spoke to you befor eso its really nice to meet you, i havent been on for a while but its soo good to be back, how are you? are you engaged or married to a tunisian guy? - hope you dont mind me asking, aww thanks about teh pics comments - i miss him soo much altho things havent been easy the last year :) lol x
    I feel better babe, thanx x
    Hey hun, just left you a message on FB. hope you're ok xxxx
    thnx hun, read the gmorning thread xx
    just at work leaving now will be on in no more than 1hr is that ok, stay on will be on soon xx
    come on fb chat if u can xx
    Hi hun, yes we do need a catch up! Think i am looking way far into things again :( heads fried x
    thank you for your concern it means alot, i have spoken with him today and he came clean, he gets one more chance, we all deserve second chances. He knows no more money, no visa for atleast 2yrs, and i will not marry for atleast 1yr. He said that he will prove that he loves me for real and is now looking for a job. i told him if i catch him out again i will leave him. he has been calling me most of day.
    hey hun, things are great thanks, just got in from work and poured myself a large drink ;) ah the joys of the friday evenings :)
    hows things with u? hope you are well chick xx
    i cant find this one u say for me ..xx
    yeah thats brilliant with who a slong a sits a scheduled flight from tunis to heathrow ... who is it with tunis air or ba..
    you need to ask him to take her off your msn and that you dont trust her and that while she is in th epicture you cannot relax and say its HER you dont trust and thats why this is happening
    sounds like she is jealous so she may be after him herself

    where is she from again hun??
    but surely she knew about you so how coul dshe let him just carry on with you hmmmmmm

    unless he fed her lies too, very strange but i will tell you something honey womens intuition is a very powerful thing and something was nagging at you i bet like a feeling something wasn't quite right, you have to follow your gut here babe and like you say give him a chance to give his side of the story, if you really dislike this girl tell him its her or me i dont want her around anymore and if he loves you he will respect your wishes
    it keeps crashing when i shift through your thread :(
    hey sweetie, this website isnt working properly for me today at work and I have been trying to catch up on what that girl said - what happened hun, are you ok xxxxx
    Hahaha! I was having a blonde moment :eek: I answered a question that wasn't meant for me, then it ended up posting twice - oops!

    Added you to FB xx
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