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  • and how long did it take till ur hubby got visa?? thank u xx
    hi caley, im sorry to bother , i read ur post and wantedd to ask u regarding ur application for hubbys visa, is there a limit or smthin u have to earn a month coz im gettin around 300net a week, am fulltime employed , got around 1000on my savings..also regarding flat - are ther any requirements -how many rooms it must have....and lastly did ur hubby have any job guaranteed when u applied or u started lookin after he came here? ur help is much apreciated.xx
    Hey Chick,

    They can fly from any UK airport to Turkey, we are off to Istanbul in seven weeks and I rang the airline before booking the flight, aslong as they have a settlement visa then they can.

    KAM X
    hi, we spoke ages ago dunno if u member me but as i can see eveythink turned out ok with u. so happy for u. So his here? so is mine. Have u got facebook? i am on there.
    Hope your hubby arrived safely-welcome to England Ahmed and I wish you both all the happiness in the world.
    Hi CaleyB, hope that you and your husband are both in good health! Welcome to England Ahmed.....:)

    YouTube - Saber Roubai - Ajmal Nissaa Donnia

    So happy that you are finally together, wish you both all the happiness in the world..x
    morning hun

    you did it yourself, it looked amazing, do you want to do mine lol

    thank you sooo much, i cant wait, just trying to find out exactly what i will need to take with me to get married :) really cant wait altho its 10 months away :(
    Hi Caley!! I really love your photos (especially the wedding pics)!!! The black and white photos are very classy!! ;)))

    Rio xo
    Hey chick, have you still not heard anything??Xx
    hi hun

    everytime i log onto t.com i have a look at your wedding pics, they are gorgeous and i hope i look as stunning as you on my day next year :)

    Your hair is great too, did you have someone do it for you? x
    Well you did a fab job - looked really good. I dont think i would attempt to do my own - its so thick and curly would end up a big bush as i would be panicing and mess it up! I will get one of those plait bands thou - i have seen them around actually theyre in all the shops at the moment xx
    Hi Caley,
    I've just seen your wedding pics - your so pretty, and looked stunning on your wedding. I love the way you wore your hair - funky and elegant at the same time! Who did it for you? if you dont mind me asking!? xx
    Caley, according to him the house is rented and I would have to stay in a hotel any way. I know where the house is in Akouda by taxi, but I am now not certain if the address he gave me on paper is correct. I am checking this out with friends. Sorry about all these bitty blogs but hopefully, we can cut our replies down to one. I will try and delete all the others so as not to confuse. Regards,
    Caley, he has indefinite leave to remain but no British passport yet. I think he can apply December. Don't want him to get this. Will find a way to stop it happening.
    Caley, I am based in the UK. He went to Tunisia 10 July. I think he is intending to come back to me. Every time I mention going out there, he makes some excuse. Yes, he has put everything in his name but I have bank transfers proof of most of the money I have given him. Others tell me on this blog that I should be able to get a Tunisian lawyer to sort things out. I do not want to go out to Sousse without having all my facts right. I am trying to sort out matters at this end first. Hope to hear from you soon. If you post to me as a private message I will be notified by email that your message is waiting. Hope to hear from you soon.
    hey hun thanks just trying to keep it together really cry at the silliest things just lately, you will be fine and i will have fingers crossed for you yeah you get a paper stating why refused its just a big game to them. hubby has now gone back to hotel to work which i dont like at all as we had so many problems from girls and his boss but he was bored and needed money xxx thanks for being around hun xx
    I dont think you can get much money back from him, as he is now in tunisia and he may have done everything in his own name......i dont think he can divorce you without your consent though, or without you being there. I would call the citziens advise bureau...they are great! just try and get information on his rights and your rights.......xxxx
    Hey hun
    Oh dear god, thats awful. Im so sorry. Ok it looks as though he has been getting things ready over there in tunisia and that he may have/ or had another relationship going on over there. I take it he now has a british passport, or citizienship? I think that a horrible thing may have happened, in that he has taken advantage of you and your good nature and your money and has been building a life over there in tunisia for himself and his family.
    The way in which you move foward, would be to go out there i think.......do you know where the house is? maybe get a hotel nearby as the house may be in his name......and you may not be allowed to stay there.......oh hun, i feel for you so much. If you were out there, you may see for yourself whats going on!!
    I have not seen any rent monies as he claimed that the money was being paid to a company to fix the roof. How much money does it take to fix a leaking roof. Please any advice you can give would be most appreciated. I got into his email and there were some indicating that he was getting married. He may have divorced me behind my back. We married in Sousee in 2003 and registered with the Birtish authorities. Up until he went to Tunisia 10 July we have bene living together, but he has never contributed much in the nine years we have been together.

    I am desperate and hurting. Anything you can do to help would be appreciated.
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