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  • hi cathibou,

    long time no speak, hope you are ok?

    im coming back to tunisia in July (beginning) and wondered if you still rent your property out, if so is it free from
    6th july to 13th july and if so how much would it be :) x
    Happy belated birthday Cathibou, hope you had a great day x
    LOL im missin it cos my internet is down lol landlord hasnt paid the bill lol im at internet cafe hoping to be back soon lol
    Hi Cathibou how are you ? Hope that you are in good health! We missed you x x
    Happy birthday to you Cathibou, hope that you have a brilliant day..x x

    YouTube - happy birthday to you
    Merry christmas and a Happy new year 2010 to you and your family full of health, wealth, happiness and plenty of laughter..x x
    awww cool :)

    May be interested in long term next year as im hoping to move over there :)
    awww hun the apt is gorgeous, i will defo rent it off you when i go next year be feb time, will defo let you know when i know more :) x

    when i move over there we are hoping to find something as nice as that for a long term rent, we will be looking round when there :)

    do you just do yours for a short term rent?
    no probs hun, im working too today, started at 7am :(

    have a good day :) x
    hi Cathibou

    i cant wait to see the pics, really excited :)

    will you let me know when you have sent them as they will be coming to my works email address so if im at home i can go to work and have a peek :)
    thank you hun :)
    hi cathibou

    if you could send me the photo's of the apartment for rent in Sousse i would really appreciate it, im looking for somewhere around feb time when he finishes army - not sure on exact date yet tho :) x
    Hi cathibou, on the ramadan thread i wasnt saying you were comparing ramadan to lent, i was talkin about what someone else said. I agree with what you said on that thread, so i wasnt disagreeing with u :)
    Hi Cathibou, hope that you and your family are all in good health! Hope that you like your new picture, please feel free to choose one yourself and then we will add it on for you...Have a nice day..
    There is a real tudor pub called the Crown, not far from traffic lights, could be that one.:)
    Mock tudor pub ...not sure it could be called the Leopard. We moved here in 1981. longest we,ve ever stayed anywhere, but have something going for it.
    Small world it is LOL. We once used to sail a small boat on Doddington lake.
    I live near Nantwich. East Cheshire as it now is!.
    Hi there,
    Shall be back in Sousse July 8th love to say Hi. Pass through Cardiff as my folks live in Solva area.
    yes my friends daughter is getting engaged on the 4th, good you got cheap flights they are few and far between, we are going on friday for 2 weeks with tunis air it was the cheapest i could get at £200 each. At least that includes a full 20kgs luggage each and meals and all drinks. Plus a very modern approach seat back tv's with new films to watch xx
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