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  • hi cat havent seen you on for a while its nice to have you back hopr youre well and happy hxo
    Ahh nice one, i wish we knew someone, that'd make things a lot easier! Anyway its crazy isn't it...applying for jobs, we must have handed out 50 CVs now! I'm so happy for you, its bliss isn't it :) xx
    Hi Catoussama, how is life with hubby?? :) Has he managed to find any work yet? Mohamed is still looking...x
    HI catoussama. I'm so glad hubby's here at last with you. My hubby started work as a pot wash when he first arrived here (through a friend as well), I felt sorry for him because he was so ashamed of that job, he never told his family what he did he felt so worthless. Anyway, he worked with a great bunch of people in the kitchen to soften the blow; they were good friends to him and they taught him all aspects of their cooking skills and now he's an experienced chef. It won't be for ever, and it's a great chance to be able to meet others and especially have some male conversation. Good luck.
    I live in Guildford in Surrey, what about you? It's soooooo exciting, it really does feel like Christmas eve when you were a kid!! xx
    Ahhh yeah i understand what you mean and yes best to wait till he's got the visa in his hands! I really enjoyed seeing Mohamed's visa in his passport on MSN last night :) Nice one about national insurance stuff, will do that on Monday with Mohamed, thanks xx
    Hi Catoussama, we both must be the happiest girls in the world right now!! When is ur hubby coming over? Mohamed is coming over on Sunday!!!

    I just saw your post about the national insurance number, can you tell me or send me the link for this website please?

    Hiya Cat, I was wondering if you could please help me. My husbands visa was refused on wednesday, im in bits, devestated crying all the time, I just cant think straight. I need some advice on the appeal process please. Good luck with yours xxxx
    Thanks Catoussama, i really hope you get some good news soon too! xx
    Thank u, yes fingers crossed they call him this week! My hubby is flying over on Sunday, i can't wait!!!!!!! xx
    morning cat luv.hope you are feeling better.was bit worried about youthe other,keep u chin up,inshallah all will go well with you and your hubby.do take care of yaself,godbless u xxx
    Receptionist turned away documents, surely its not their position to do that?!

    Thank u, yep will keep you all upto date :)
    Oh and they got all that in just 5 days!! Ok hun thanks for your reply and fingers crossed that ur docs get there soon and its good news from the embassy x
    If you don't mind me asking you, what did they fail you on for it to be just 5 days after?
    I hope its the case of no news is good news! I keep everything crossed for you that when ur hubby gets your papers and goes back to the embassy then they give him good news :) Could u ask ur hubby next time you speak to him for the number please? Hopefully my hubby wont need it but he wants it in case we have to call after 12 weeks!! im hoping we'll hear before then tho xx
    Also what contact number do you have for the embassy in Tunis? x
    Oh no, im sorry to hear about it being an appeal. How long did you wait in the first place to get a no for the settlement visa?

    You say your in the 19 week period when they can change their mind - is this 19 weeks from when you handed in application for settlement visa or when you started the appeal?
    Hi Catoussama, im going out to Tunis next Friday (21st) if you don't find anyone sooner?! Are you applying for settlement visa? x
    hiya hun,happy new year.lets hope this year brings you both together hey,hope you are ok,take care xxx
    Catoussama, You are so sweet to think of my friend when I know you have so many of your own worries! I hope the New Year brings you together with your husband. I love your pics together. My friend has said for now, she will just go through the steps the agency suggests and wait. They have already spent so much money and she does not want to do anything to lose the money or the baby. They are going through India. I had another friend try Romania and they never got their baby. Enchallah, we will all find next year in the arms of those we love!
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