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  • Hi huni,thought id just post a quickie on here to see if ya ok,,hope you feeling a bit better.keep strong,chinup.big hugs xxx..
    Hi hun, I hope you are ok. Big huggs 4 u xx xx :L)
    hey girlie..if u ever wanna talk..let me know xx stay strong xx
    Yes I am married... c u thurs x
    Hello no I fly back this date so I will be the same x
    Ah 4th of Nov.. thurs around 4pm I think it is? I am on that flight :D x
    Hey hun where will u be 28th?
    And who u flying with? to and from where?x
    hun half my address book is LOST!!!!
    i need your email addy again, it was as I sent the email to yuou i crashed ~ so I lost it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am so sorry that you did not get your visa.XXX
    Your welcome.
    Just letting you know I put some books in the post to you today, let me know if you receive them.
    thank u so much xx
    hey,eea family permit is for eu members,who live outside their country, but not british..ohh its killin me..cant imagine being refused after this time...
    ye i had 2 folders too..had 2 photo albums and then hubbys stuff...good luck to u , whens ur appointment again? end of august?
    Will let you know when I have posted them. Not sure I can get to a post office tomorrow, or Friday after work, if not will do on Saturday.
    hey..ye know wat u mean..hubby applied for EEA permit, not settlement, so it should take max 4weeks..tomorow will be 3 already so gettin really anxious...good luck to u xx
    hi girl...wen did u book the appointment...do they have appointm.available online now? its not for me..lol, i applied 8th july and havent heard nothin thatwhy im askin coz if there are appointm.avaialble , means they dont have much backlog..probably just my application lol ...thanks
    Hi Catsoumma,

    I am not on facebook. You can leave your address for me on here,if you are comfortable with that, and then I will delete it once I have received the message.
    Hi Catsoumma,

    Not a problem, these books need someone who will make use of them. You don't need to send me the postage. Just send me your address, and I will put them in the post. I have quite a few, so I will do it in stages.
    Hi Cat. I got your friend request on FB and sent you a PM there. Hope that you are doing well and look forward to talking to you more :)
    yes u have to be very careful when u have a job like this :-(, in tunisia most of the people just sleep all day thats how they cope, my hubby really struggles doing it here because he does manual working so he is going to be over there during ramadan this year lol ill be following at eid with the baby so i miss it :) x
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