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  • hiya just wanted to wish you luck for Ramadan and hope you get there in the end :) x
    Hi Cat, how are you today? Do you think you could give me your e-mail, or contact me through FaceBook? I have typed up the differences in prayer for you like I told you I would.
    Hi Catoussama, not sure if you have seen my update on the thread but ive checked the site and they are showing appointments available in August, quick, get in there!! :) x

    I have a number of books at home that are of no use to me about Islam. I am happy to post them to you, if you are based in the UK, and you want them.
    You can download it from the net. It's called CyberSalat. If it asks you for a password, the password is aadam. Here is the link to download it: http://www.sydneymuslimyouth.com/programs/Salat.zip

    There are some differences in the way women and men pray. I am a bit busy at the moment trying to get my kids to try to take nap (even though they don't want to!) so I will write the difference up and give it to you a bit later. For now, that program will run you through the everything in detail. Let me know how you like it.

    And feel free to ask me any questions at any time. I will always do my best to answer you openly and honestly. :)
    Hi Cat, I have just accepted your fried request. I hope that we can get to know each other better in the near future. Take care :)
    Hope you ok!! Wow 5.5 months that must of been rather hard! I know what you mean though i have recently started a new job and before i was self employed so had hoilday but now im not im finding it a bit harder.. But i have worked out can roughly do 12 days every 3 months but i always work in weeks so 12 weeks lol it sounds less time to me for some reason lol xx Take care xxx
    ohh i was in tunisia in april when we got married, now back in uk agian, so he went to embassy alone,bless him,mustve been worried...but he did great,,i was stressin more than him lol,like always,interview??? hmm they dont do that i think unless really necessary, we applied for eea permit, not settlement,so just waitin now..can imagine how u feel.the waitin and not knowin is the worst...did u actually apply, have u completed the form online or....?
    hey hun,know exactly how u ..was so anxoious ab gettin the appointment until we finally booked and but still was woried they might cancel again...was finally relieved only when he came back from embassy and submitted papers on 8th july...as i read you have to fax or email ur applications now..hmm,wonder hows that gonna work...well anyway good luck to u with ur application,hope u get a date soon xxxlet me know xx
    Hello!! Im not to bad thanks you?
    Yeah i go a week on monday, it could not come quick enough, its the longest we have ever been apart.. Aahh im so sorry to hear that hunnie, i hope it all goes very quick for you both and you get the result you want!! Il have my fingers crossed for you hun xxxxxx
    hi girl...saw ur photos, they are really nice..u look both happy together , congrats on ur wedding , i got also married end of april, all the best with the application, i know its a nightmare..im not able to tell u if there are any free appointments..i think u have to fill out the actual application and then find out...good luck to u and all the best xx
    Hello hun!! Hope your ok!

    Just was wondering where abouts do you live? xx
    Hi Catoussama
    I live in Dunblane about 20 minutes from Alloa and minutes from Stirling! Small world...
    I love Tunisia too - my second home is there.

    Had a look at your photos too and you make a lovely couple.
    I am very well thank you , glad that you are enjoying it here..Had a look at your photo and i think that you are very beautiful x
    Welcome to the forum hope that you enjoy it like we all do...
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