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  • Hiiii, sorry i havent replied to you from yr last message, i just wanted to let you know Helmi has been here since nov last yr, working since jan and things cudnt be better. He loves it here and we are soooo happy together, its like he has lived here for yrs. We were back in tunisia for 3 weeks in july visiting the family and r popping back nov for a week, cant wait. Hope everythings ok with you x x x x x
    Hi Caucious

    I have an apartment in kantaoui that will be available at that time. if you have an email address send it to me and i can send you photos.
    Hi there, hope you had a good time!! Yeah of course I can just let me know whats your budget and what you are looking for... my email is [email protected]

    Speak soon
    Hi Cauciuos I am sorry I have just got your message!! I hope you have found something because you are here tomorrow!!! Have a great time and take care!x
    Hi Caucious Yeah I have apartments in the central Sousse area is that what you are looking for? What is your budget? how long are you looking for? Let me know and I will let you know what I have available...Look forward to speaking with you soon x
    Hi Caucious

    I dont have one available at that time im sorry. Try asking Najwa as she may have something available.
    i'm happy you had a good time hun..and happy things are getting better.. take care chris..xx
    hi chris just wondered how your holiday went and if it is ok in hammam? xx
    Hi hun...Loopy emailed me today told me u was flyin from manc and connection gatwick on 6th feb.....thank god sum1 is in the same boat as me...i havnt got a clue wot to do...hopefully we will bump into each other...Im gettin married out there so very nervous .
    so we finally got the confirmation! I'm looking at travelling to Gatwick as flights still going from there. Need to go! Lainie helping me sort flights with BA xx
    Hi sorry hun but just found out 6th Feb cancelled
    Hi Caucious - sorry - I been reading but not posting. How are you? I just hope we can go on 6th Feb!
    Thomson flight update from 2pm says UK flight cancellations to Tunisia

    Thomson Airways has now cancelled its flights to Tunisia up to and including Wednesday 26 January due to the civil unrest in the country. Thomson and First Choice are also allowing customers travelling up to and including 16 February, to amend their holiday for free.

    Cutting it close now
    R u staying in a hotel or with him ? We will have to exchange details nearer the time and arrange to meet up whilst over there. Will be nice to have some female adult company for a change. We want to stay in Mouradi in kantaoui but not booking until we know for sure whats going on.
    Hi, Thomsons have cancelled flight sup to 23rd Jan. Nothing decided after that.
    Seems we are on the same flight then. Enshallah all goes well and flight is as normal. Different for me cos I am not going there to see my man ( he is now my ex and lives in Uk and we are going on holiday together - i know weird!!), you must miss him. Anyway, if all goes to plan, I may see you at the airport. I am the one with 2 very noisy kids! lol
    Hi hun, we are also booked to go out on 6th feb (from manchester withthomson), is this same as you. Whichever way, If I hear anything I will let u know.
    Rach :)
    sorry - just posted to myself again - derr! As I said - think I paid about same price as you - but it's nothing compared to what our men are putting up with at the moment is it? Just want to be with him. We got engaged at midnight on New Year's Eve in Sousse!
    Hi Caucious (and Lainie) I'm booked on a Thomsons flight but did it through a company called 'On the Beach'. I can't get myself away from this site!!!
    hi caucious, im rosie's friend lainie. my fiance is in sousse too. im calling him regalarly and keeping i touch with rosie too.

    call me if you need a chat:
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