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  • hi hun

    im ok, still here :)

    how are you? x
    Im going on the 20th november and fly bk to the uk on the 5th feb xx
    Yeah thats what i was thinkin then everybody can make it.. Aahh iv only been with Salim 7 months but it feels like soo much more, in a good way!!! Aahh do u know what end of january your planning on going?? Aahh thankz hunni, thats put a masssive smile on my face now!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hello!!! Yeah we both knew that we wud get married pretty fast,but we are only doing the paper work as my mum and family cant make it over at short notice so we are going to have all the celebrations in a few months on on our year anniversary that way all my family and friends can save and we can have a massive celebration!!!!
    Aahh so glad to hear you ok!!! How long ya been 2geva now?? Where abouts will you be going in tunisia in january?? xxx
    Hello!!! U ok babes??
    Yeah im really good thank you, yeah we proply engaged now, im flying out the 20th november and we will be getting married 29thish lol, ya no how fings always change lol... Hows u? Any more plans??? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hello hunni u ok not to spoke to u in a little while hows things?? Hope all is good xxxx
    Welcome to the forum even though i am abit late...When seding a message to someone just click on their name and then write the message and post...
    you can say that again hun - he is cool :) lol
    hi hun

    i love it, everytime i see him it make sme smile :) lol x
    i suppose its not so bad doin it that way, lol! well im off 2 bed, work bright and early in the morning! :( nite nite babe x x x x
    Hahaaa, Tbh i dont like it in the day. but i think its easier if im awake all night then sleep in day it goes quicker lol x
    thankyou :) Im Starving now. haha Ill go to sleep about 2 til 3:45 then wake up for feed then go sleep again lol x
    Its Hard, but it was kiling me the first 3 days im ok now. But i keep getting headaches, and ive goten used to the pains in my stomache lol. x x x
    yea i love counting down it makes it quicker i think ahhaaa, I am happy tbh,
    Not alot i bin Talkin to riadh most of the day. and been asleep cause of ramadan it makes me Tired and get head aches :( x
    lol, you must be like me counting down from waaaay b4 its time! lol!

    not been up to alot babe, was working all day, went to te gym after work and home 2 chill 4 a wile! wat have you been up 2 hun? x x x :D
    yeaaa It does lol. 92 days is go9ing slow lol. saying that i have been counting since 132 days lol . what you ben up 2 x x
    Im Good thankyou. Im Tired too lol. Just been talking to Riadh., Im texting him like now hahaa. Just counting down the days. 92 Days tonight lol xx x
    Im Good thankyou. Im Tired too lol. Just been talking to Riadh., Im texting him like now hahaa. Just counting down the days. 92 Days tonight lol x
    Hi Cayden :) How are you babe? x x x
    loving your avatar hun :) x
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