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  • make the most of your day off hun :)

    im back at work yeah, came back yesterday :) but only tomorrow to go as im off thurs & fri and back in at the weekend :(
    hi hun

    its sooo good to be back, missed loads :)

    im ok, still a bit dodgy but lot better than i was :) how are you? x
    Hi me again i thought this would be better lol

    Helen x x
    Hi cayden,

    I found this wee chap do you like him lol

    Helen x x
    I top up my fone like 25 a week and use international fone cards lol a fortune aont the word lol im probly spending more on credit and fone cards than i am on paying for flights and apartments.... Where dya get one of these sims???? xx
    What sim cards are these??? I want to call with free minutes lol...
    Yeah we speak every night after he has finished work, either he is walking home or he is in the fakir van lol, but it generally and hour and a half a night and then texts during the day and he rings me and hangs up all day just so that i know he is thinking of me bless him... But as it not too long till i see him we going to speak every other night so that we are not spending loads of money xxxx
    Aahhh tahts ok tho atleast it something!!! Ya spoke to him much??

    Yep im thrilled to bits i cant wait xx
    Ha ha ha ha sounds like u had a good weekend!!! Hmmm i do nothing but work work work lol... Aahh when u going then?? Where u flying to then??
    Yep booked em on monday, im flying out the 15th sept and bk on the 15th oct, i cant wait, im like a child now big smiles and jumpin around lol.. What ya been up2?? xx
    Hello!!! im good tar babr u?? Yeah things are good,booked my flights and now im counting down the days lol xxx
    Thanks for the warm welcome cayden
    hello..thank u very much!! :)
    Hi cayden,

    I have given you a little dancing red pepper for your profile and a fairy.

    I hope you like them, if not you can go into your profile and delete.

    Take care.

    Helen x x
    oh yeah it is, forgot about that :) x
    cottage pie is my favourite, just hopes she puts a bit of cheese on top its gorgeous :)

    sound sliek we are both going to have a good night then, i have dates with Emmerdale, Coronations St and Eastenders i think :)
    he gives the best hugs in the world, really am missing them :)

    youare resading my mind, my mum has just called and said she has made em cottage pie so its home, cottage pie, snuggle myself up in bed and watch TV till i fall a sleep :)
    yeah im ok hun, just got a bad cold and really sore throat, feel like my tongue is filling my mouth and im chewing on my tonsil's, sorry about wording but only way i can explain LOL x

    thank you hun, just want to finish work now and go to bed :) x

    wish my fella was with me for his cuddles, he always cuddles me when im not well and just him doing that makes me feel better :)
    LOL ha ha ha

    i did yeah - sorry not with it today, dont feel very well :(
    hi hun

    where abouts in the North do you live? :) x
    haha thanks, HBrown picked it for me. Makes me laugh too!! x
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