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  • hey hun sorry to make you worry i have not been on for ages, im good thanks, how are you, will try and pm you now x
    hey hun,

    im ok, sorry for making you worry not be on line for ages, im good thanks, how are you? will try an pm you now x
    everything is lovely, been married now since the 5th July, and going back the end of sept for 10 days. Still not ready for visa, as i am having problems getting out my over draft lol. How r thinks with u hun? x
    not much really,just been busy in my life tbh xx hope ur well :)
    hi hun,

    aww thanks hun thats really nice of you to say them things :) x

    Me too, he says if he could turn time back he would and make right choices so that we wouldnt have broken up, i have told him that i dont normally give second chances so if he hurts me again thats it forever no matter how much i love him, he says me not being around has made him realise how much he loves and missed me x

    i will be in sousse end of july so if we are there at same time it would be great to meet you x
    morning hun

    thank you sooo much for your messages :)

    i have some news that will surprise you, the other day out of the blue i had a friend request on facebook and it was my ex wajdi, we have spoken since and he has told me what happened between us and i can say im happy that he didnt use me or anything like that but we have agreed to give it another go, i have told him that we are going to take it slow and see how things go but im sooo happy, i never stopped loving him and seems he feels the same so maybe i will see you in tunisia one day :)
    No hun I didnt get anything but i did send you the wrong email address the first time!! Duh!! lol
    ooops done it again lol, posted to myself lol

    Hi Cherie, yes i am, over the moon, we have decided to marry in September, not to sure how i am going to be able to come home afterwards. I will then be asking for help abt settlement visa. Hope u are well to xx
    oops I gave you the wrong email!! lol its
    Thanks Cherie, yeah tonight is dragging so much!! xx
    Hi have u been? im we are enjoying life together, i cant even imagine living without him anymore...thatswhy i feel for all the other girlies here who got their visas refused, must be so hard for them...
    and what about u? xxx
    lol thanks hun have a good nights sleep xxx
    hi hun

    i think your riht that what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger and i think of it as at least i had a chance to love someone even if it wasnt teh same with him but i say its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all lol :eek:)

    awww thank you, i hope your right, There is a guy that i like but with how i am at the moment im not going to act on it and i want to see if i really do like him and not just for the fact that he has a look of my ex if you know what i mean lol ha ha
    hi hun

    sorry for late reply but not been on for a while x

    just wanted to say thank you for your last message, to be honest im not really sure what happened but i think im sure in saying he used me, i cant believe i fell for it all, least i know my feelings was real even if his wasnt, i am better off without him and its not been easy even now cos i still think about him quite a bit but i dont think i will ever forget him 100% cos of my feelings for him but my horses are keeping me busy and work so im slowly getting there :)

    how are you hun? x
    hi hun

    thank you sooo much x x x x how are you? x x x x
    hi cherie,how are you? hows ur hubby? im sorry to bother u ,just wanted to ask ab resid.card for ur hubby,my hubby applied 2 weeks ago and today we got the papers back sayin he cant apply, as i havent been working here registrered 12 months cntinuos (again the same problem),i sent them all relevant papers and they can see ive been here 6-7years but nooo..they refused to issue it,therefore now he has to wait til april to apply so sad for him coz he wanted to go visit his family but is there anythin else we can do...? wat ab those resid.stamps...can u help pls? xxx
    ok here i go again, it got timed out and it didn't get posted.

    How r u Cherie, sorry not been in touch for a while, time fly's lol. Just thought i give u an update. Things between Z and I are a lot stronger, and for all those doubters out there, u can met the right one on the internet. I have book the hotel for December at the Kaiser in Sousse. It was only a £196.60 for 2 half board for the 14 days. Z has told his family, and not to sure of there reactions but some are pleased for Z. Z told them how much he loves me and he is going to be with me, no matter what they think. I don't bother with the age thing any more, as i have met some lovely ppl on Face book that are in relationships with younger tunes. It can work, tunes look for what's i yr heart and not age, hope that makes since lol. Well i hope u r keeping well, chat soon i hope xxx
    thank u cherie...realy upset now as this is neverending....:-(
    hey cherie,thanks...its not like apply for the paper,its past, shouldve registered at my previous employer where i was workin 3 years withouth this!!! and noone told me! as i left now, i cant do nothin...anyway thanks for ur support..xxxxx
    hi cherie, the embassy didnt call of course...i knew i needed it anyway,just didnt know it was that important..if i knew i had to have the document-from Home OFfice, i wouldve asked for its too late..i did replace it with other documents to prove i have been workin and payin taxes alnd all that but who knows if they will accept it..basicaly it just shows i was workin here 12months continuasly and was Home office,..well..i was workin in this country 5years now but was not thatswhy i provided other statmetns showin my employemtns...
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