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  • hey cherie,doesnt look good for me and i dont have one document from Home Office which i wasnt aware of, now its too late to get it and after almost 3 weeks waiting now im just waiting for a refusal..:-(..after 6years of workin an dpayin all taxes..i think i will be refused coz of the paper..:-(
    thank u cherie..its a nightmare...just hoping and praying everyday, well see wat happens in next couple of days xxohhhh
    thanks Cherie
    hi i was going to get in touch sorry for the delay. I had a wonderful time and he was just as wonderful as i imagined and More so. going back in December, can't afford it, but i am going to do a lot of hard saving. Never met anyone like him, nor me as he said lol Problem is i don't earn much and he is still a student, but we are hanging in there, a lot of heart ache along the way, but we will do it. He is just as committed as me. The problem is money, he knows i don't have much and he doesn't care, as long as we stay together. Speak soon Cherie and thanks for the support xxx
    hi are you? im waitin anxiously for hubbys eea permit..ohhh can i ask...IF my hubby will get it - IF - it will be in the passport or

    rt or by
    Thank you! I may take you up on that offer of "been there, done that," advice depending on just how much bureaucracy I run into! I just got my Family Permit in this morning... now the big worries begin, getting over to Norn Iron in September and getting a Residence Card for me! Keep your fingers crossed for me, I'll do the same for you!
    Hi Cherie --

    I'm new to the forum. I have no connection to Tunisia, but my husband is dual British/Irish and we have applied for the EEA Family Permit to come to Northern Ireland. I'm American and we're currently in Southern California. I've been reading your posts about your husband waiting on his Residence Card, and as a non-EU Spouse I'm going to be in the same boat in a few months. Has it been a difficult process?
    and thanks....hubby with me now, he arrived last saturday.we both still dont believe it even tho we are together.what a feeling tho lol.he was the only person out of 23 that got his visa that day......wowow..he is doing all the cooking so its tunisian food every back to work next thurs so i think he will be bored bless him.applied for his NI num and he 4nd for his consular card so just waiting for the apps to appts for him next week to get cv's etc.
    he was missing his mam first few days and had a few tears when he spoke to her on the phone but he seems ok at the mo.its a worry incase he cant settle and wants to go back home....
    hope u had a lovely hol
    hi cherie, thanks for the info,..i knew th eea permit must be there to apply for , thank u so much, so now i just wait and pray xxx
    Thanks Cherie, wish u well xxx
    No i can't lol, Z has already asked me to Marry him, but i said we will have to meet first and discuss it lol. We have been talking for 7 months on cam, so i not supraised he did, but can do anything abt it as yet as he has to do another year at university. He is so loving and kind, and not like any uk man. He said he loves me for who i am lol. Hey Cherie, do u know anyone on here that has or is in a relationship with a very younger man, that is twice younger or more then them selves. Dose that make sense lol. Z is more mature then i am and that doesn't supraise me or my friends lol i am just a big kid. hope to speak soon x
    Hi Cherie, well it is only a few weeks to i go to tunisia, the 30th June. I can't wait. Where r u going?
    hi Cherie, how r u? thought i pop in and see how u r. Hope everything is going ok x
    ahhh sweetheart! i am so glad that you got out of your first marriage and are now happily married to your man! was the first one tunisian???? i guess tho nothing is for certain but i supose although i have never been married i have had a really bad relationship and never want to repeat that again! ahh your story is lovely! sorry for asking so many questions! so does he work over there? i think you can really tell tho if they love you for you if you dont have anything but you to offer!! i mean you know it is genuine! how long has he been with you? did u marry in tunisia?
    i agree honey, its not the same as total real life but by spending more than 2 weeks its nearly enough time to see someones worst habits!! I cant wait to spend this time together even tho its 14 weeks away! lol! i just want this to be perfect and i only want to marry once in my life so this is something i want to do right!!!! wow u been together for 5 years! thats great honey! where about do you live over here with him?
    hey sweetie! hope your ok honey!! bet you cant wait to go back!!!! just wanted to ask ya..... so when you said you went for 10 weeks that was to see if you could live with him etc and things were 100% for you???? how was it when you was there? i bet it did go quick! i hope you dont mind me asking babe?? xxx
    sorry joyce i only ever stay in hammamet, the girls all know the hotels and which hotels will let unmarried partners stay together. try alpha rooms i use them quite a lot cause they arent to expensive. and never worry about asking questions love, thats how you learn xo
    Hi Cherie

    Sorry i am always asking question here. Can u tell me how do my bf and i going about booking a hotel room in Monastir, as he is Tunisian and i am English? do i have to book to hotel rooms? and can u suggest a cheap good one please, near the airport? x
    Hi Cherie, how are you? so you think there would be know chance of him ever coming to the uk? Well i am flying out on the 30th June to the 7th July. Can you advise me transport to and from Monastir and Tozeur please? we are going to see his parents at some point during my stay. x
    ah thanks, very nice of u to send me
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