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  • Cherie

    Well i have to send my passport away tomorrow for it to have a name and address change. I hope it doesn't take that long. I need it for the 30th. Everything done in a rush as usual. I have read about visitor visa here, but i can't seam to find the thread now. Can u help me please? Time is not on my side here as i am 57 none, and i have read that it could take years sometime to get it. Any advise is greatly received here.
    Hello Cherie

    I had a lovely birthday, my bf in Tunisia has spend most of the day connect to me on MSN. His friend has bought a laptop and he allows my BF to use it. Sad to see the day go by now.

    Thank you i love my picture as well. I just want to thank you for being my friend here and Roulla as well. I will need friends in the coming months to come. When i return from Tunisia. I am booked to go on the 30th June to see my love for the first time, and it will be hard back in the Uk on my own, and i know it will be hard for him as well. Speak soon x
    Happy birthday Joyce, enjoy your day.Love your picture! xo
    oops sorry, i am new, so i can make mistakes lol. Love to chat soon. Yeah age creeps up from behind lol. Well i will be the grand old age 57, but never feel or act that way lol
    hello Cherie

    Can u help pls, how do i add one of those pic's u all seam to have, they are lovely
    hello thank u for friends request, its been accept
    Thank you i am enjoying it, haven't been able to get of the pc lol
    Hi hun...where are you from???
    hi cherie,

    how are yo u? ohhh..., i was just looking at the eea form and it states: COMPLETE THIS FORM IF U WISH TO COME TO UK AS A FAM.MEMBER OF EEA NATIONAL WHO IS OR INTENDS TO COME TO UK (which i assume - if eea national intends to come here, they wont have res.card here or nothing like that- oh gives me hope!!)there was another section ab if eea national lives here or not and if not if we will be traveling together -which would mean the eea does not live here- again if there is this option - i dont think residency is required for this.but thats just my assuming..oh i just realised these things and i dont know if it means anything(that i need the resid.card or not)but gives me hope... so right now im realy hoping im right ..anyway sorry to bother ..just to let u know..take care xx
    youre very welcome kitten if i can be of any further assistance dont be afraid to ask xo
    thank u very much, cherie, ur advice is much appreciated all the best to u xx
    ohh cherie :-( thank u for honesty...had a hope it wouldnt be needed coz im legal here 5years..:-( im soo sad, and if we get refused coz of this - coz of my resid. can we reaply later or does it work?
    just hopin realy if idont call them and dont mention it...wouldnt be an issue..mayb..ohhhh (if it was just card its ok, but i cant apply yet, have to wait 11months coz i was not regist.with WRS whole soo stupid, i shouldve know..)
    hi cherie, so u sayin the resid.card is not needed?how u do know? im scared to call and ask realy i am...but i have all other documents i will send them bank stat.from 1year old, p60s from 2004, payslips from over 1 year or i can do from longer ago,my recent WRS form, nat.insur.card, rental agreement, will write some supporting letters, photos, emails, txts......
    so wat exactly do i need to do to prove its real? i printed all emails, txts i cant coz my phone dont haave cable, will have skype phone calls history, 02 history...did u have or u dont need it? i dont have one but im not requirred to have it to live or work here, hope that wont mater, will it? would u know? i have p60s from 2004-2005 though..pls help xx
    hi cherie why was ur husband refused eea permit??
    o thnks but for ur infos tht mislead is gonna cost me a wait of 6 months coz my girl is in ireland now and im bak in algeria so nothing will happen till the summer

    and it could be there holiday or something so we will just wait till then im aplying for irish visa soon but i would have to send my aplication to irish embassy in egypt thts wat the web site says
    cherrie, is it true my hubby has to be 21before he can apply for eea family permit. hes not yet, but will be in september..did u have to register ur mariage in uk embassy in tunis?
    hi cherrie, many thanks for ur reply..u did make me little more relaxed about this, although i wana be prepared for everything, gettin all my phone bills, msn history, emails, my bank statements, rental agreement, photos....or are the emails and msn history necessary?? lol are they actualy gona read it?? wat if they dont like smthing there..? anyway, i do work fulltime, gettin about 1200net a month and got around1000gbp savings, hopefuly it will be all ok, will apply for residence card in april and straight after my hubby will apply for eea family permit..:), is it true its that quick - few days for answer only? wow thats great..
    ooooooooo thx alot

    ur so much help but the think is tht i was trying to call tht number all the time i was there

    and no one wud answer me so i toke the hike and now thank u so much coz now i know it exists and next time i travel there i will know where exactly to go

    thx alot god will take care of the taxi driver tht miss leaded me and toke so much off me with no result thx thx
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