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  • hi cherrie,im sorry to bother you, my slovak nationality, livin in uk for 5-6years now, can i ask ab ur eea permit application??? ive read what u need to provide and ive got it all apart from residency card, which ill be applying for soon. which eea form did u use, there are so many of them...and also, are they going to physically check ur house to see if its up to the standards?? how long does it take to get the permit for my hubby? and what are the chances?? much appreciated thank u xx
    i swear to u thts the adress i got

    i gave to taxi driver he drove me miles and then he said it should be around here than i looked every where

    then i went to the police office and they did nt help and gave me foreign affairs ministry number i called them and they said the accredited embassy is in spain so im so comfused about that
    ooooooo thnk u so much coz guess wat

    was in tunisia and done every thing possible to find it even went to police got the ministry of foreign affairs and they said republique of ireland has no concil in tunisia i was so pissed off coz i knew people who went to it

    i had an adress but the taxi driver tooke me other place and charged me alot ooooo long story

    any way thx and ill wait for ur priceless answer

    thx have a good work

    i wonder if u did get married in tunisia on irish passport

    then u used the irish concil in tunisia wich it was so hard for me to find

    can u plz tell me wers dat adress
    i apreciate ur help
    hey Cherie63 i read your post about being married on an irish passport, :) where did you have to deal with the rudest man i want to avoid him lol
    Excellent - we should get to have coffee and a good chat then.
    My court doesn't start until 11:00 and it could last an hour or it could be two hours but I'll call you when I'm done. Its an appeal for criminal injuries. I've never been involved in one of these before but was speaking to them this morning and seems it should be fairly straighforward. Seems to a question over how the guy got some of his injuries.
    Hi!!! Hows things with you. Really enjoyed coffee the other day and so did Mo. We'll have to organise another one.
    Hiya!!! Well you all packed and ready to go?? Hope you have a lovely time out there and if the sun is shinng yet be sure to bring some back with you!! What time you fly at tomorrow?
    Hi!! Just wanted to say have a lovely time when you get to Tunisia in case I don't see you on here before I go. We'll all have to get together when we are back and have another coffee x
    hi hun

    im glad youa re well :)

    yeah still rough at the moment but hopefully it will change - fingers crossed :)
    hi hun

    yeah im back, still a bit groggy but lot better than i was :) x

    good to be back x how are you? x
    its well cool :) x
    Hi Cherie63

    love your avatar :)
    hope to go about 19 as want to leave it as close to the end of ramadan as i can for obvious reasons lol it would be nice for us to meet up some day while i was there though i suspect i will see you b4 then, hope the embassy gets its finger out and returns all the papers so that i can get my appeal date i hate waiting hxo
    Hiya Cherie hope that you are in good health! You are more than welcome..
    Hi Cherrie hope that you are in good health! As requested by Rainbowchild i have put an avator on for you, i do hope that you like it....don't worry we can change it to whatever one you like...
    Hi cherie63 - Did you get another application in for the visa?
    I can't believe after that many years they keep saying no. Surely the fact yous have got through this many years living like this shows yous have a strong and true relationship!!! Good luck for next week.
    Cherie63 - Yes would be great to be in touch feel free to drop me a line anytime. Shauna
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