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    Any Tunisians in Merseyside

    Hi Regardless of whether he is genuine or not have you looked into how hard it is to either live in Tunisia as a western woman or for him to come here? I am married to a Tunisian man and I have been one of the very few to be lucky enough to have found love (but not online) but the stress and...
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    Blood tests before marriage

    When I got married in Tunisia in 2015 I had to take CONI to the British embassy for translation and take a translated new copy of my birth certificate with me before they would marry us, we saw a doctor but she just wrote a letter saying we were both healthy. There are two choices for the...
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    Thanks No he didn’t have to do that and it doesn’t say we have to get a police check. I think I went overboard for his first one and sent way too much spending way too much money so I don’t want to over complicate this one!!
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    Hi All, My husbands further leave to remain visa needs to be in soon and wanted to ask anyone who has applied for this 2nd visa - did you send in a police check as evidence that they don’t have a criminal record or does the declaration count. It does not stipulate that one has to be provided...
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    Annibee you are right,Hhhh getting mixed up with marriage stuff and visa stuff x
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    You know it's only valid for 30 days right? X
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    I got married this year and you don't need your CONI stamped in UK. You don't need a translator either - you just go to your appointment at embassy and they will translate it and stamp it and that's it. Enjoy your wedding x
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    Biometric card for the UK/Tunisia

    We have to do this on top of the spouse visa??? I'm confused??? Help!!
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    Changing TND to Sterling in Tunisia

    But But what do Tunisians do when they go on holiday then?? I could get hubby to say that?? X
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    Changing TND to Sterling in Tunisia

    Where can you change TND into Sterling to take back to UK, i bought a wedding dress out for hubbies cousin, i bought in pounds and she has given me TND but I want it in pounds as already have TND. For example if a Tunisian goes on holiday where do they change money?? I dont really want to do it...
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    Timings for Documents

    You also need medical cert from local doctor and copy of your passport xx
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    Visa granted!

    Hi SamiiJ, What test did your hubby take and what level did he pass at????? x
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    Visa Knowledge and Experience

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    help! should I or shouldn't I..??

    Regardless of wether he is good or bad, think of the implications of a long distance relationship, on you, your family, your finances, its very very stressful and although iadore my hubby i would not advise it to anyone and certainly not over the internet having not even met in person, if a...