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  • Sorry, I have not been on this forum for a while. We finally got the papers. They were lost in my apartment office for almost one month. I had asked and asked. We finally traced it and found it waiting in my office. They did not even say I am sorry. But M put the correct apartment # but when the person keyed it in, they put the wrong number. So, now we have sent in the visa application and we just wait! Thanks for sending me the info and I wish you alllllllllll the best!
    wow!!!! not good mail is really getting bad. where u live. cos regular mail takes ten business days to get to me. Even the express mail. I wish you all the best. My husband has his appointment soon. God willing he will be with me soon. Here is my email [email protected] if you need my help in anything. Take care My friend
    How are you doing did u set the email with NVC for you and your husband. Don't know if you been luckly with your husband sending mail to you. Cos my husband started sending me express mail. If you don't want to write on the original document you and put post it on the right top corner. cos he will get all is original back once he done with interview. I hope this can be a help to you. Take care.
    How are you doing. hope all is well for you!!! The last step now. Just the wait for the interview. My husband is sad cos I told him I don't have to attend Interview. Just keeping my finger cross. I you don't mine me asking. what set you up too. Did you do the email with them already. If we can help eachother it would be nice. Take care.
    How are you doing. How is going with the process of the Visa. Is a very long process. Still confusing. Was wondering how is going. Take care and sorry to bother. I just got the Checklist for him to submit papers. I called NVC they stated for him to submit orignal in arabic. Just don't know about stamp.
    Don't mind me asking you a question. I in the process of his papers. I had a little set back with the situation in Tunisia, with mail getting lost. American seeking help.
    yes it is
    Its no problem :) I wish your friend and you the best year and dreams to come true xxxx
    Awww hun im going to find you a nice santa lol take care xx xx
    Hi hope your okay xx xx :)
    Hey Daliroya,
    Yeah its just finding one that isn't long wait for me the delays is something I don't like about the Paris flight. I wish I could find a discount on one from London Uk because the lay over is not that bad at all. Do you know of any good websites for seat sales on flights??? That would sure help me a lot Thank you
    great to hear from you! keep mailing! lainie xxxxxx
    The New format has me confused :\
    the first email got very short since I sent it by mistake before I was finished writing, so sent you another and also replied your questions....the world is really small :D
    Hi Daliroya,
    I'll email you to your private email address.

    B rgds
    Hi, no I´m not married but I rent an appartment in Sousse since 3,5 half year. Spending my time here between my jobs, from weekends up till months.

    I live in Inverness up the north of Scotland "bloody cold just now" lol :)
    I hope you are ok xx xx :)
    Hiya hows its going, i hope you are enjoying t.com :)
    Hi, sorry I don't think I remember getting the messages. To say I have been busy is an understatement! LOL There is so much going on right now that I would need 120hours to get it all done! How have you been?
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