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  • Hey you how are you?? X
    HI Sam....... Same old, you know. Can't believe we haven't had a catch up for so long. Hope all is well with you. One day soon, I'll give you a call, I miss our chats x
    Hi Deb Happy New Year to you and yours, hows things? I tried your old number but no luck? Sent you an email aswell but it bounced back hmmmm are you avoiding me lol.. I hope you are all well give me a ring when you can xxx
    Hey Debs I've just seen ou message on my wall dunno how I missed it?? How are you all? I've been dentist today and feel like someone has kicked my face in :( will call you soon for a catch up its been ages xxxx
    Hey Debbie how are you long time no speak xxx
    Oh poo, what a bloody rotter!!!! Are you still on the same number I've sent you a couple of texts?? I hope your Mum is recovering such a worry....
    I bet Jas loved euro Disney and I reckon you ended up with half the Disney Store in your bags, lol.

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas xxxx
    hiya debbie huni,how are you all??.i dont come on here much any more.i should do still no where near to divorceing the **** head lol.ive tried everything,i spoke to some guy ben unis at the embassey in london but i didnt understand what he wa son about..i also spoke to a uk lawyer and i can divorce him here in the uk once its been a year 1 nov,but that dont bother me i just wanna divorce there..its so much easier for him to do it than me but he says he not paying a penny.after all the money he had from starting to hate him,and i dont normally do hate..take care spaek soon il llet you no thanks huni xxxxx
    I was wondering why you were sending me that link lol
    Aw what a miracle! xx
    my god, when did that happen?
    so you and jas are famous now - bet you wont want to talk to us nasymore, lol.
    is jas ok?
    Debbie, what an absolute miracle, fantastic show of strength, would be so nice to find the guy, bit of detective work there? So so pleased for your lovely little girl, you and your family. Happy outcome to a grim situation. Thanks God.
    OMG Debbie is she ok?? She looks fine.. Has he come forward yet?? I'm around later on if you wanna chat xx
    Look at this Search for mystery "Superman" hero who lifted a one tonne car to free a four-year-old girl in Aigburth - Liverpool Local News - News - Liverpool Echo
    Aw that must have been lovely for her, and must have been good for you to see some kids actually appreciating birthday parties, as it is the norm here!
    Are you not going to have another?
    I seem to have been waiting forever yes, but we havent actually applied, but docs are getting there now, well mostly all sorted :) just the boss that is an issue- paysips! grrr xx
    hiya debs long time sorry been so busy with business and hubby shame not had much time to go on here miss all u
    hiya lots to catch up on bet u have ur lovley baby now sorry been so busy with the business and hubby but things are great here hope all is well with u,xx
    LONG TIME NO SPEAK... How are you? and the fam?xx
    hi debbie,no he wont divorce me because he thinks in am in a realationship with some one else,im sort of but not if u get me..he has no money to divorce me.someone called me today and said that kairi wont let you go easly so i dont no,ive not had time to go citizien advice yet,ive been just lookong on the net all day.your right i should just leave it for now and see what happens,thanks millions,il update ya when i know more,godbless,i might go away for a few days soon as got time of work xxxxx
    hi debbie hpe u and the family are well..firstly do you no any thing about this stupiud divorce??ive jus spoke to a uk solicitor who says i can not divorce in the uk until 1 year of marriage.i feel so lost and depressed.yesterday i spoke to a lawyer in tunisia who said.he can help me but its 500 dinars if kairi my ex says yess and if not we have problem.i only work part time as a carer so money is tiught really.what can i do hun?have you any ideas?thanks loads xxx
    Hi Debbie, I asked about this just last week - not sure what's happended but it's a technical thing. Will give Kris a nudge and ask him to sort it toute de suite! Will be in touch.
    Hiya Debbie, how are you?? I will give you a call tomorrow night if you are around? xxx
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